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The photo of destruction

& # 39; Essa Station Attack Case & # 39; The investigation is in progress.

Three men, including women, including A (21) and B (23), were attacked on March 21. On the eighth of Saturday morning, when the fence is encountered in the bar near the four-subway life headquarters, ABBC suspects each other has been attacked.

According to the police, the police were sent by the police at that time. Four were in addition, including A. Mr. B, a. One of the Mrs B family was injured at fertilization at the time of fertilization.

By the evening, the police decided to return home after receiving short statements. The parties call the police and hear statements from both sides. The police, witnesses, closed circuit (TV) will conduct TV tests and will investigate the event. Because the statements of A, B and Mr B are claimed to be first attacked.

A woman who claims to be a girl claimed to be "beaten up in the pub" when she wrote an article in an online community.

The girl said she was wearing a young girl and a girl who fled the girl in the pub. One man held his head in his footsteps and said, "The deep enough to turn the bays into bones."

"We need help, because if we are more heartfelt and men than men,

Sheong Wah Day Day is a national petition.

Chongone said, "Both of them have attacked five people because they are because of the hair, but not the same." "I will ask the wrongdoers who oppressed the victims who identify the victims and punish them for their sins." . At 15,000 received at least 200,000 referrals.

One policeman said, "We will investigate the prosecution to ensure that we are not perfect for each other, we will check the preventive measures." Considering the seriousness of the event, "he said.

The police said that the timely investigation of the 15th party had begun.

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