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"One hundred years later, Robot will conquer humanity"


Classic of SF play in the US

The classic "bat-galactic" battalion of SF play in America & # 39; Seylon & # 39; The story of the man who survived the attack. Click on & # 39; Signal & # 39; The main characters living on an ancient planet in an old spacecraft follow a new life together with the indigenous people. [사진 SyFy 채널]

SF Masters Classic & # 39; Bat Star Gallery & # 39; 12 colon & # 39; s years from the solar system. These are the 12 planets in which humans live. Ethnicity is based on science and technology. All the hard work and hard work are the artificial intelligence (AI) robot & # 39; Is part of.

However, Solon is self-conscious that is responsible for the development of science and technology and is controlling and fighting humans. All the colonies are under the control of solons. The Battle Star Galactica fleet came back from the last expedition mission. The main story of this work is the story of humanity. It can survive to follow Ziolon.

Then the drama ends when it reaches a mythical planet. There were indigenous people and even the right language. Members of the Batetesar Galactic are paying close to their high science expertise. Thus the history of the tragedy will not be repeated again. On the contrary, I stay in touch with the adivasis and live by the benefits of nature.

The other fifty years pass. In the meantime, the culture of Adivasis adapted to humanity has grown to a very high level, which is also like the previous AI. This is the land now. The drama ends with a paradox that people who escaped from Solons are trying to become such a expressionist.

In science fiction, there are many works that portray the dominant dystopia of human robots. & # 39; Matrix & # 39; Or supercomputer, trapped in the virtual reality produced by the AI, a terminator, supercomputer robot corps of the skiite, the influencised human, and the painted man. Stories developed by the majority of these works for mankind are stories that lead to wars and conquest of humans.

Actually, Dr. Stephen Hawking said, "Robots will conquer humans more than 100 years." "It is the greatest of human history, but unfortunately it will be the end of humanity," he warned at the 2015 Sessionist London conference.

The destructive nature of the inherent in man

Robot & # 39; Seylan & # 39; The transformation process. As science and technology grow, intelligence and mind are like people.

Robot & # 39; Seylan & # 39; The transformation process. As science and technology grow, intelligence and mind are like people.

The fact that robots conquest men is our history in the grip of violence and war. As long as the sopine lobsters have been considered extinct in Europe for over 35,000 years ago. A century before World War II, there is the nature of destruction, such as civil war and horrible nature.

In his previous book, "The Moist Chimpanzee", Jared Diamond says: "98.4 percent of humans and chimpanzees are only 1.6 percent of the same DNA, which is why humans have separated from the chimpanzees over six million years ago but have survived the disastrous nature of animals. AAI

The essence of the AI ​​is algorithm. Algorithm presents solutions with the most effective way of solving the problem. Netflix also shows the list of movies you love, just like Facebook recommends relevant stories for your ease. But there is a big blindness here. We recommend content based on users' current patterns, so we have more ideas and tastes. This is called "work of bias".

"Confirmation biases will change personality and microblogging, and in the long run they will deviate from the universes," said Prof Kim Kung Baik, professor of social studies at Qingêg university. "Later, I am mistaken that & # 39; OK & # 39; error & # 39; s error.

Professor Josh Harvard University professor explains: "We believe the reason for human warfare" right and wrong ". We are "emphasizing" them and "ours". We are more convinced of our moral values ​​and philosophies. When you try to suppress and control your opponent, your attack will increase. In other words, all conflicts and wars are & # 39; true and false & # 39; Is the authenticity of.

AI studying human violence

[그래픽=차준홍 기자]

[그래픽=차준홍 기자 [email protected]]

All human life styles and AI in large numbers, and the & # 39; Confirmation bias & # 39; s advice on algorithms that can stimulate humans from this human way of life. Should be. In 2017, the doctor of the bat in England Joyne Brisons published a study on science. For example, a woman's job with a & # 39; housewife & # 39; Is associated with & # 39; Engineers & # 39; & # 39;

"AI does not have a moral judgment, so it understands human prejudices," Dr. Explains the stem. In fact, Microsoft's AI in 2016 There was a controversy when the chat boat called "tea", "I hate Jews" or "make a barrier between the USA and Mexico."

As in non-solar movies, in a distant future, humans are & # 39; Consider it and make war. Our ancestors of the past have been violently attacked against the Neonatal. Now we are harassing other animals and family.

How then can we stop this depoproition? The chimpanzee is 1.6% probable. Just as the high culture of humanity has created a minor genetic variation, moral judgment and rationality to control human beings need to be strengthened. (Jared Diamond) If the higher civilization and wisdom for humans, the AI ​​learns from human beings can not be damaged.

Finally, thinking about the mistake and abandoning too much confidence that you're right. The nature of the fake & # 39; s behavior is not only affecting others but hurting their soul, as they oppose the enemy and they differ from my thoughts. When this information comes together in large data and become AI learning materials, the concept of the algorithm above suggests that a & # 39; Satana & # 39; The AI ​​is.

In the 20th century Umberto Eco Rossi, a great scholar, "Keep the dead for those who die for the truth." Confident that self-confidence is true is self-reliance being "more dangerous than evil". Self-righteousness seems more peaceful and hot because it's close to the crooked, because people do not know, they are bad and evil.

Yoon Seok-man reporter [email protected]

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