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New friend & # 39; Burning youth & # 39; Appeared. "Hateful Viewers Are Unwilling"


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& # 39; Burning youth & # 39; A new friend appeared in a limited number

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[SBS 연예뉴스 | 조연희 에디터] Those who have limited honors have shown their aptitude and are seen as new friends.

SENSE & BURNING YOUTH & # 39; (Later & # 39; Invisible & # 39;), a new friend, Minhio Lim, arrived at the office on 20th night.

Gohung's old, quiet home, all members of the barrier were greeted with joy and joy. In the meantime, my new friend appeared on the beach. "I do not know what to do," Lim says, Lim is a man who boasts his own voice and low voice.

Soon, Jun Si enjoyed beautiful landscapes on the beach in Gohoung. He started getting onto the rock and said, "What are the twigs there?" Jung Soo, who played the role of Chungo in the previous play, expressed his strength.

Jung Soo Lim said, "Until last year, it was a very insufficient audience and I have not seen TV for a while because it worked hard last year."

Then, thinking about my friend, I thought, "I will secretly hide myself", "I will take a boat for a while and pull it off." He said, "Tell your friend you are going to board your boat because you hide in the cabin."

Lee Yonne and Kim Quang-gyu were friends with the barrier that came out of the pickup. After the hidden secret, Min Tsu-Guu, Kim Kwang-Gaou, Lee Eon Suwa welcomed us. Jungu Soi told me Kim Kwanag-gui, "I have lost your brother."

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