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Naha University, NASA, NASA Public Research – Cookie Ilbo


The NASA Langley Institute recently visited the NASA-NASA International Center for Exploration of Space Exploration. INHA University

Joint university research is conducted at NASA University.

NASA's Langley Research Center Institute for Space Science and Technology professor analyzed technology research and discussed future projects.

Next month NASA will visit Isha University.

The researchers visited Lilo's researchers at the Invest University, visiting several research meetings with Kim Hai-Havan, Kim Ki-Wu, Kim Joe Hygang and Kang J-Yauve. Dr. Robert Bryant, Dr. Sam Cho, Robert Moss, Dr. Keith Bellwin, Grupner Kimberly E., Fe, Dr. Catherine c.

Specifically, the solar sail probe with a length of 400 m is approximately 1/10 of hair (less than 3) and space materials that can withstand thick space environments.

A solar sail probe can be accelerated in a space probe using a radiation pressure generated by sunlight photons up to 30% of space. Theoretically, for three weeks, you will fly to Mars from Mars, and it's called a dream.

Next month, Dr, who is in charge of the residency system residing in humans for lunar exploration and Mars exploration. Robert Moss, personally visits the University of Inha. Kimberly, director of NASA's Technology Transfer Department, will introduce NASA's technology at the start of next year and will talk about the integrated Lab-to-Market (L2M) program.

Isha University has agreed to conduct a graduate student exchange program with the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) signed by the Langli institute. The program will work as soon as possible next year. The NIA is comprised of eight universities, including Georgian Tech and Virginia Tech, and the prestigious Universities of the United States.

In May last year, the University of IHA was running a project called "Helios Project" between Space Act Agreement (SAA) and Special Operations Agreement (NASA), which will allow NASA to launch the NASA Longline Institute and Space Actuation Research. In April of that year, NAS founded the International Joint Research Center for Exploration and Space Exploration.

Kim Jung Hinging, head of NASA's Center for International Space Exploration (NASA), said NASA's NASA joint research on the next generation of research and research and development of solar cell technologies. He said.

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