Wednesday , March 22 2023

JetTeci News Room Celtic Sei Geeing Jin Chairman, Airplane First Class … Airlines Document Press


The 20th anniversary of the plane was escorted by the Seldin Shio Geoong-Jen plane in the JTBC News room broadcast.

Recently, President Zel Jung Jin, president of the fourth largest biotech of its market capitalization, had recently landed a plane against a passenger plane. SAIC-HY SON told the JTBC coverage team. "I prohibited the airline regulations and abandoned a criminal sexual abuse.

The following report reveals internal documents relating to the Korean executive in Korean Air. The company chairman and chief executive officer Seo Jung Jin first termed the class status and made a speech for the flight attendants. In addition, complaints of 50 minutes have been spent on daily days and days, both rare and unfortunate. Subsequently, the command was ordered by President Zoe Jung-jin, who repeatedly threatened and threatened him three times.

The security said, "The fact that President Sehong has spoken about the violation of law with Secretary of State at that time." "There may be a complicated conversation, but there is no rhetoric or text." "" Once a group has boiled and said it's untoward, "JTBC said.

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