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I do not know what to do. "


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On June 20, a lawyer named Kim, who is suspected to be Lee's Jai-Ming offspring in Lee Jung Rai, Jeongli Province, said: "Smoking gun (decisive evidence) I will reveal it accurately."

Lee Jae-miyong gyong gigi governor Kim Hai-khui / chozon db · lady lawyer Lee junga riu

According to the Suuñan District Prosecutor's Office, Lee, who participated in the Suu City city office in the Suuñon District Prosecutor's Office in Juana, denied permission to disclose it from the client, and therefore can not say how much smoking is.

"I do not think Kim can write it," I do not think Kim would have written it, "I think Kim should have been involved in.

"I told newspapers that Branch office branch office used E-Mail to create Kim Twit account today." If this is true, it is possible without Kim's knowledge. "

The police said the police were smoked by the police. "The owner of the problem is Kim," the governor said. No other smoker has revealed. "He said.

"There are some indications that Kim is a member of a group", "one of them is in Kim's Kasi (Kako Story)," the lawyer said. "We have not provided evidence to the police," he said.

On the same day, the MBC News Outside interview said, "I do not know if this is a police sniper, but if it does, it's a tactic and no smoke guns," he said.

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