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Harvard scientists have argued that the Sun in the Solar System could be "Space Ship".


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The flight speed flying in the solar system is a launch speed.

In an article published on November 12, two of Harvard's astrologers in astrophysical journal Letters argued, "Earth is an excellent mechanism for intentionally sending the earth to Earth.

Last year, Owen was first spotted in the Maui Observatory for the Sun. That is why the word "OMAMUVA" is "flavor" in the Hawaiian language. Scientists have grieved this discovery.

Later, he argued that the ugly forms and speed of poetry were sent from aliens. There was no radio wave detection. There is a comet, but comets usually have a tail, but they do not have a tail.

Harvard astronomer Abi Loeb and doctoral researcher Schwal B. again raise the possibility of an alien spacecraft or spacecraft.

The disagreement of the movements of Oumia "The OMUMIA is not an orbital, but an inquiry into an objective," they argued. Roe explained the intentional quest for an "exploration investigation inside the Solar System."

It naturally happens that the universe would fly into the universe. Or just click on & # 39; Artificial & # 39; The remote spacecraft with light sail technology can be.

"There is some information about the orbital nature of this fact that can not be explained by other facts, and I wrote a paper for this explanation, and the approach I have acquired on this subject is quite scientific and basic," Boston Globe said.

Andrew Simon, a SETI research center at Berkeley, said in an e-mail to Boston Globe that article was very interesting.

"We carefully assume the observation facts in the novum, what is the new inventions in astrology, which is a truly marvelous discovery like finding the intelligent work on earth."

But SEET chief astronomer Seth Shostak said in an e-mail to NBS: "Do not take this intellectual theory blindly when there is a mysterious chance of a comet or asteroid from a distance."

Omu Amuva is the first known galaxy in the Solar System. It is now distant and seems to be unable to see it again.

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