Sunday , August 9 2020
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HansScu Computer Mini Tower releases TFG MX Desktop

In the case of the mini tab, Hansong has introduced the TFG MX desktop range that supports unified RGB LED output.

& # 39; TFG MX & # 39; Desktop precedes rainbow and RGB strips. The Rinsing RGB system uses the LED control buttons at the same time, and also has a variety of colorful RGB LED outputs and rainbow color, single RGB color, and you need a mini tower type that can change the LED color and can make your own PC atmosphere with side-cupped glass.

The Intel 8 is Generation I7 8700, Intel 9th ​​Generation I5 9400F, I3 9100F, AMD Resin 7, 5 processors, NVIDIA GFFS RTX, GTX GPS, AMD Radon Graphics, NVM SSD, this is a convenient gaming and high performance.

Besides, the Mini-ATX has an internal space capacity of about 2.5 inch SSD X2 and two 3.5 inch HD DAs. In particular, the magnetic powder filtered on the outer side is emptied by numerous airflow, or external materials outside or flowing the dust.

& # 39; TFG MX & # 39; In the desktop open event, the 8 GB RAM, upgrading 16 GB (16 GB x1) free from the Reinbay LED CPU Cooler Upgrading event, the product photo review on the site you are buying, and the event to present the charger is in progress.

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