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"For four months, I have investigated the Marshall Law Enforcement Authority … but the body is still in the middle" – the Herald Economy


Chong Wu Day Day spokeswoman Kim Kim and his spokesman Chanzhou Korean Foreign Intelligence Committee detail the military jurisprudence in July. [사진=연합뉴스]

– The former commander of chi hoon-chon … stop prosecution
Park, former president, Park Minag, etc.

[헤럴드경제=유은수 기자] Four months after the inquiry, the joint alliance with military control ended but the suspects did not investigate the suspects. The former governor's park did not find out if senior officials like Jun Hai (66) would conspiracy.

Huaong said the prosecution had been suspended by Chu Hu-Chion (59), former Army chief. Prosecution has temporarily stopped investigating for unknown reasons. Commander Kho has intervened in a revised version of the Marshall Law in the Command Command last March.

Joe was the first person to conduct the investigation after the launch of the Combat Force in July but was left unaware after he left the US in December last year. An arrest warrant was issued to the army commander and requested to intervene. We will cooperate with the appropriate agencies like the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecutor's Office and Ministry of External Affairs to ensure that the Commandant of the Republic of Korea will be responsible.

(67), former Minister of National Defense and Chief Minister Chongqid Dey (69). The conspiracy hatched to examine the military trial is hard for me. On August 18, the prosecution called Kim, the former minister. But we could not find the obvious doubt. The Count Council temporarily suspended eight others, including President Park, until the end of the summit.

The two county tough teams and two task force teams were taken over by the county. In order to conceal the real facts of war criminals, during the training of "kirolok", it produces a false research project by creating a tie using a cover to produce fake documents as a marine-based legal document for training.

Former Commander A for the violation of Civil Criminal Law Commander A, Cial Central District Prosecutor's Office will investigate the incident. The commander of the National Defense Command b. B. The fact that the document was included in the document could not be confirmed.

On July 6, the Militia Human Rights Center set up a record detailing military law when the candle was burning in the Kunjung Temple. President Moon Jai and Kim Jong Il Marshall ordered a special probe into the allegations of the Law of Documents. The NGOs alleged that a former minister and a former commander plotted to dispute. The government has initiated a joint operation to conduct the Cial Central District Prosecutor's Office 2 investigation and the Chief Justice of the Air Force Headquarters.

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