Wednesday , March 22 2023

Dijon Sun Hospital, 22nd & # 39; Day Diabetes & # 39; Health course


[[[[Diezon = Chungcheong elbow reprise Lee Han-Yu] Diazon Sun Hospital (Chairman Park Do Hou) Diazon Sun Hospital Deijon Sun Hospital patients and parents will have a health lecture at Eighth Floor, Daejon Sun Hospital, in Dijon Hospital.

Diabetes Diabetes Disease (Kim Jung-bum, Director of Disease Surgery) Easily Follow-up Diabetes Diet.

Diabetes, disease-causing disease, or peripheral blood vessels are a cause of diabetes. This causes the destruction of infection, ulcer, or deep tissue.

Diabetic patients 15-25% of people around the world have diabetes mellitus.

In cold weather, which lasts from late autumn to winter, worsening of circulation in the body and risk of developing diabetes mesmerizes.

This course is for anyone interested.

Kim Jun-Boom, head of the orthopedic department of Padseva, said: "It is very important to deal with risk factors while working together to treat diabetes."

People with diabetes should be diagnosed with diabetes and patients with reduced risk and reduce the length of the patient. "This lecture will help patients, caregivers and diabetics to help control and control diabetes in my everyday life.

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