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& # 39; Rebounds Finally & # 39; Phelps signing up for Mumbai


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& # 39; Rebounds Finally & # 39; Phelps signing up for Mumbai

(Seoul = News 1) Jungmunk reporter | Sonben

Cial is Samsung Ben Mumbala. / News 1 DB © News 1 Actor Reporter

SIAM has changed foreign players for a long time. I decided to buy Eugene Phelps for Ben Humbala.

The Korean Basketball League (KBL) announced on Monday that Samsung will replace foreign players. Phelps will play with a Samsung uniform in the process of completing the process of issuing a visa at 2 pm on August 14 and completing the registration of a player.

& # 39; For another reason & # 39; Instead of b. The reason for the injury is nothing. In other words, it is Samsung's purpose to replace Mt.

In the last 12 seasons, the Cambodian national team, who joined Samsung, won 32 minutes and 42 seconds, 24.1 points and 9.3 rebate. Obviously this is not bad grades. A Samsung official said, "This works well with my colleagues and my colleagues."

However, Samsung has decided it's difficult to get Emma's best grades this season. Phelps replaced him with Melbourne instead of hoping to help the rebels.

Phelps' height is 198 cm, smaller than Mabala (196.3 cm). However, Phelps is rated as a rebounder. After the transfer of Samsung Mobis Launga's Ulsan, Samsung was lagging deep in losing its power.

In the current 12 games, there are 4 wins and 8 defeats. Samsung, who is in crisis, is taking a break in place of foreign players.

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