Monday , June 5 2023

& # 39; border number 1 & # 39; Ali … "No Scoring No" Qatar


Our eight bodyguard decided to defeat Iraq. Fifa is ranked at No. 93 in the rankings. However, he is not the most successful opponent in the tournament.

This news is reporter Kim Hoing-Rul.


In the first half of the tournament, Qatar scored a goal. Abdul Karim Hasan, the best opponent of last year, is Qatar.

Then, in the second half of 0-0 minutes 0 minutes 17 minutes a shot. Ravi's strong free kick for the eighth morning in eight years.

[펠릭스 산체스/카타르 축구대표팀 감독 : 우리도 (한국 같은) 아시아 최고 팀과 충분히 겨룰만한 실력이 있다는 걸 선수들이 지금까지 보여줬습니다.]

Qatar was the only country that hosted the 2022 World Cup in the World Cup. But Qatar is the only team to have scored 11 goals in four games.

Al-Moss Ali, born in Sudan, is the target target number. They have scored seven goals in the North, including four goals in Korea, using the right foot and left foot, free to use.

Al-Rawe caught the attention of the right leg and made a free kick in two games.

The main axis of the team, the side nucleus Hassan and the Juki midfielder Madiba, made the quarter-finals.

(Picture Editing: Park Chun-Bae)

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