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Yuang Ji-zung's cousin became the biggest player in the FF market. I am very interested in giving the team any contract.

Jumshil = Kim Kyungmin reporter [email protected] / 2018.11.12 /

The game now begins. Five days after the end of the Korean series, the FF (free agent) market opens.

The range is the first FH market that is not appropriate for the ransom, but the Korean Professional Baseball Player Association has been rejected after issuing a direction for boycott.

17th COA (Korea Baseball Commission) If a qualified NHL player is to be published, athletes should submit an application within two days. On 20th, when clubs are promoted by the FAO approved KBO, 10 clubs can contact the FA to sign the contract.

Park Yong-Taik (LG twins), Park Koung Tan (KTVs), Kim Minz Sung (Nexon Heroes), Song Kwong Minh (Hanwa Eagles).

The most interesting player is Catcher. Young G-IN, who was the best live keeper, played a major role in defending and defending the team. 358 (2), 23 Homer, 77 RBIs this season. My grades are good in the last three years. 359 hits (118 hits, 359 hits), 59 homers and 210 RBIs in 352 matches. The ability to stop the ball is very good as it leads the pitch. The best player who has played more than 100 games this year is the defeat of 3 7 7 8.

If Catcher is a weak team, it's an attractive card you'd like to take. There will be a big dealer in defense and fraud, so a good catch is a good team.

I thought about ten club leaders (some clubs with senior Frontiers), the will of the FAA. A formal standstill is difficult to arrive before the FA Market opens, but most clubs do not "consider it."

Kt Lee Tsung-yong said, "Yang G-G is the best catcher in the league, he's capable of striking". During this time, it means going to Jangsonghua and Yusang. Nexon Heroes focusing on Focus outside of a Fay, said that Yang Ji did not like it.

Lotta Giant, who was not ready to take the catch in the season, said the two sides would not recruit them. Lottie Lee-One-One said, "We focus on developing young inner resources."

Samsung Lions, a younger LG twins, joined in Kang Minh last past did not take interest. The big party, Kim Tiger, was also developing. SK won the Korean Crown, and focused on Lee's main Lee je-jeel with Lee's main cousin.

Some teams do not have a clear position. Recently, the park is headed by Jung-Q's new president, Hanuva will meet future field staff and fashion station at campus. It is hard to say that the situation is not determined by itself. Enidndor said, "He does not say that the energy is tired for the increase."

Doangan Bears revealed their readiness to discuss Yang Yang. Doosan Kim Tay Raong, head of the company, said, "I will discuss with Yang Ji, I will try to stay."

In recent years, trends are the biggest of all, and it is often late to be announced. If you see market conditions, you will be redeemed. The FH market is firmly in the principles of supply and demand. You would like to play more teams, a higher richer value.

FA's biggest catcher Kang Min-Ho (4 billion won), last handed to Samsung last season.

Quan In-Ho Reporter [email protected]

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