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"[김태열 기자의 생생건강] If there is a "high-profile, memorable woman" with "BRCA beaker", breast cancer will increase. "- The Herald


– BRASS provider's breast cancer rate increased 9%. Height 10cm ㆍ 6% BMI 5kg / m2
The National Cancer Institute & JNCI holds the world's attention to world-famous publication.
Doctor in Korea Seongon Kim, St. Mary's Hospital, Daleem, and Korean Heritage Breast Cancer Research (Coehra).

[헤럴드경제=김태열 기자] Breast Cancer is a multinational team led by Dr Shongon Kim and Korean Heritage Breast Cancer Studies (Cobra) of St Mary's Hospital, Dublin, published a study on BMI and BRAC providers.

This study, known as BRCA1 / 2 Mutation Carriers, has been analyzed and analyzed the genetic information of 14,676 BRCA1 providers and 7912 BRCA2 donors in BRAC carriers, the height of the breast cancer risk and the body mass index and the Mendulan ratification approach. The National Cancer Institute (JNCI) has gained considerable interest in researching the International Research Group CIMBA (BRC 1/2 Modifier Consortium Consortium).

Brasco's character has risen 9% to 10 cm in heightThe study found that breast cancer risk in the BRCA campus is high. According to a study published by the vanterbelt university research team, the same study carried out by general research reports found that the height of 10 cm women had a 17% increase in breast cancer risk.

The height of Brasco is more than 10 cm. This is 9% more than breast cancer. Childhood increased nutritional status and hormone status. This nutritional status, hormone level, and breast cancer are important relationships.

Cancer development, including breast cancer, includes the insulin growth factor signaling pathway including hormone. The LIN28B-7-RNNA pathway key, recently associated with adult aging, bodybuilding, metabolism, blastostasies, and cancer, has established an important relationship in breast cancer development. The researchers hope that this study will help you learn about the risk of breast cancer in BRIC carriers.

Birch Beier, BMI 5 kg / m2 A risk of breast cancer is 6%= Key is only BMI (kg / ㎡). The risk of breast cancer decreased by about 5% in the BMI. Relationship between BMI and breast cancer involves insulin-like growth factory-1 level, osmosis, wet estrogen and progesterone levels.

Nevertheless, studies on women showed that breast cancer risk in the BMI 5 kg / BRACA in 12% of breast cancer and 8% of delivery is applicable only to pre-delivery women.

"The possibility of breast cancer is a personal difference, and the individual risk of breast cancer is being investigated for a long time," said Kim Sung, director of St Mary's Hospital. GMO's adult genetic counseling is of paramount importance. "

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is a journal published by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in the most influential media outlets in the journalist area (15678). JNCI publishes another. Cancer reported as a diseased journal in 2005 with a score of 15.171 (impact of SCI

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