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[건강칼럼] The loss of vision, blindness


Most eye diseases that cause blindness are related to aging, but even in infants and healthful illnesses, there are potentially blind diseases. What is Uwitis for quick start and causing serious symptoms?

What is uvitis?

Lee, who has normal health problems without specific health problems, has always suffered from vision loss due to red whale and pain in his right eye until he visits a hospital. At first I was tired, but the symptoms became very hard, and at the time of my stay I came to the safety level (I could not see the sculpture and count the number of worms before 30 cm), through ophthalmology and blood tests, the cause of the ivitis associated with analogous scandalitis.

Uveitis is literally a swelling that occurs in Uvea. Eye of Eye is the Eye of Eye (brown tiss on the front of the eye), selenium body and corody. It is rich in blood vessels and inflammation occurs here, known as the illness uvitis. Uveitis has been divided into three of its predominantly Yvitis, weave Yvitis and Yuvitis, and all young men are known to be everywhere Yawwatis. There are many reasons for infections, viruses, parasites, and trauma. However, idiopathic ivitis can occur without specific reasons.

The symptoms and diagnosis of eveptis

Uveitis can be a variety of symptoms, depending on its location and inflammatory degrees. Older organs are usually acute, congenital, painful, bright, and luminous, and the eyes become swollen, the inflammation of the eye may be due to severe inflammation. The main symptoms of middle age and uvitis are reduced vision and insomnia, such as acne, glare, and warcosis.

The symptoms of Uvitis can occur in healing diseases such as contractitis, keratitis, and sclerosis. So visit your drudgery to get your precise diagnosis. It is important to confirm the inflammation by the predecessor of the predecessors precipitation through microscopy, as with blood circulation or oaklor hypertension. In some cases, the funding exam is done to prevent inflammation, and the fluoroscin angography or optical care homeography is implemented. This causes a distinct discrimination between the other bouts of illness and the complications in the retin.

In addition to the multilogallic examination of the diagnosis, it is important to identify systemic diseases with the UVitis, as well as a blood test, including genetic testing and radiological examinations. If the disease is caused by a disease or a patient, internal medicine can be treated only if the drug is controlled and managed. Despite the wide variety of experiments, no obvious reason was found.

Problems with ivitis

Long-term repeat uretia viscosity can also reduce visual acuity, include optic nerve, or secondary visual losses occur when the MacLap papels develop. Iris Adjustment, Eyre's Atifi, Thimirac, Glucoma, Retinal Detachment, Retention Detachment, Retinal Atafe, Uviti Astrophy, Optical Atafef, Guide Angiogenesis, Gastro Hemorrhage, Loss and Eye View. The overall eye function is very bad, black opacity, intracellular pressure, less eyes and vision loss.

In drug therapy, long-term drugs can be treated with cataracts, glaucoma, pituase, gastric ulcer, diabetes and hypertension. That's needed.

Uwitis treatment

If a cause is found, the appropriate treatment will be performed due to the disease. Antibiotics and antibiotics are suitable for bacterial or viruses that infects infections. No contagious drugs are needed to control the swelling of the user or steroids. Pain and eye irritation (strokes) that shake the student to prevent Iris adhesion from the surrounding tissue. Eye or intracular steroid injections can be carried out in addition to eye / vault steroids if necessary. It does not reduce swelling or repetition again, this repeated chronic inflammation and immune problems are sometimes needed. Besides, in these cases, blood test should be taken to prevent adverse obstructive drugs. It can affect the brain complications such as moular edema, exothermic retinal detachment and glaucoma. Additionally, these defects may decrease inflammation and visual disorders caused by these complications can be abandoned, so regular monitoring and appropriate treatment are important. Therefore, if the same symptoms have the same symptoms after the same treatment, diagnosis and treatment may reduce the eye, receive regular antenomolistic inspection, visit the Ophthalmologic Clinic without any delay.

Although serious ophthalmologic illness that causes blindness and blindness is uvitis, it is still a popular conscious awareness of the disease.It is usually & # 39; tired & # 39; temporarily & # 39; Experience. Avoid unfortunate situations when you lose health care, and if you are getting sick.

Question about Yvidis

Question. How is Unity symptoms different from joint ventures?

Evaivitis is often confused with a knee-like style, and regular pneumotholeclonality usually causes eye rhythm and euphemism, eye, pain and redness. Yvittis can cause pain and red eyes, but lack of foreign body and itching. The thickness and rush of the conjunctivitis can be crowded, but in youngsters it often happens near black heads (corneas).

Question. Should you treat uvitis faster?

A Depending on the severity of the patient, the inflammation is very serious, if you do not get proper treatment within a few days, you may have structural damage to your eyes and they can not be recovered. Therefore, you should pay attention as soon as possible.

How to control stereotype eyes?

Eye stroke eye drops are not transparent and shake the bottle in the eye before mixing the eye drops, stirring the drugs and then stop. After inflammation is removed, it must be cut gradually. If the steroids do not take too long, you may have complications like cataracts, glaucoma and keratis.

Question: Is it true that my body is stained after eating steroid drugs?

When steroids are eaten, swelling may change gradually. Drugs can be recovered after they have been depressed, but they should be used after consultation with the doctor.

Question. I had no treatment at the promise of steroid eye drops treatment. Can I use mirrors and provide medical help within a month?

Eye stroke eye drops must be checked by the doctor for the eye and arrange for use and time. If you use it for a long time, you may get cataracts, glaucoma, and keratiti.


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