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"Professional league season 8 finals" Day 2 opens the semi-finals Nara Association vs Faza Clan! A


Release date: 2018-11-18 23: 57: 00

It will take days on November 18, 2018, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I challenged the semifinal match of Redboo Sixth Sigs.

The tournament is a world-class tournament that sets 8 world championships for the first two teams in the professional league of Europe, Latin America, North America and APAC. In Famitsu, we're seeing a tournament guide. I'd like to check it out.

● Rainbow Six Seize】 World Competition "Professional League Season 8 Final" EIENS Sheen Farewell to the Features of Each Team Farewell Union

On November 17 (Saturday), the ROJIJ team team won the team team 2-1. Semi-final matches will be held in the local Brazilian Football Club. If you win here, you decide to proceed to the final game. Let's be happy for the NARA association!

■ Event outline
Open date and time: November 17 – 18, 2018 (local time) / (Japan time)
Location: Brazil · Rio de Janeiro · Jones · Arena
Format: Single integration / BO 3
Total prize: $ 275,000 (about 30.8 million yen)
Delivery page: Twitch (English), YouTube (Japanese)
Commentary: prerender, it's true
Commentary: okayama, special guest

■ time deposit
【Sunday, November 18 (Sun)】
24: 30 Semifinal match Phase-Clan against the NARA association
27: 00 Semi-Finals -2 Game Against G2 Sorts of opponents
30: 00 final

▼ Delivery page here

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