Wednesday , March 22 2023

What changes do users have?


Modem is free from TIM through December 1: Accepted by the blue appeal Taskee of Lazio, the Operator for the New Testament will be assigned the Operator. We recall what happened in the provision of the AGCOM Result to liberalize the use of the tools used in the most appropriate manner. The new course has already started in TIM because, for example, & # 39; & # 39; As it was reported, it recently appeared on the page prepared for the Free Modem Project An image of a formal report for the managerFrom December 1, the right to access the terminal is entitled to access to their network.

even though, Many doubts need to be solved: It is publicly valid, so those users who pay for the bill are on the bill (for installments remaining for real-time purchases or rentals). For some time Tim is made for proprietary modem, and the only payment of service Tim Expert (Including an independent expert intervention, for all activities, the proper use of the network), from the price 6.00 Euros 48 months.

At this stage, the roads may be two: the reconstruction of the current offer, which should be The device becomes a fee for free release or is not going to do the user's band in any case When he decides to use another tool; Stop the current contract without extra chargesWhen things are not given to him. It looks like something is doing for Free Modem Tim. It only remains to clarify the whole situation in a matter. (The question we believe will be a matter of management, from the first level up to 2019).

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