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The Island of Peter 2 / Annotations 6 Episode: The Tobia Ready Chicken


Toxia will be forced to undergo a surgery Island of Peter 2. Peter is willing to save him so that he can lead a peaceful life. He has a very interesting relationship with Isabella. Alexander was identified by Petro, Faberroy and Elena. Deigo is jailed, along with all the roads leading to the attack. Only Katrina remains to save him. This will be the first attempt to smash Elen to investigate. So how did Diego's parents die? The situation is complicated and in the meantime it directs us to a sharp reaction. Peter 2's island brings us to a new episode that will make us fun, opening more question marks in view of the next episodes that are broadcast on Channel 5's first TV channel. One week. (Mato Pharmacy)

What's up?

In today's episode, November 18, d Island of Peter 2 Alessandro will be in an unconscious state of Villa. A special situation like Faberio, Elena, and Pieto. What happened to that boy? In the meantime, could the Guililla Canal and the Vancouver sillas have a strange connection behind the one hand? Question marks continue in a series that always goes out of suspense. The public is preparing for a fun new development with the character of Janani Monti. He will find Alexander and realize that there is a man who spreads terrorism. Today's episode is preparing an interesting turning point in the character of Tobiah who can live a moment with great interest. (Mato Pharmacy)


What will happen to the favorite character of L. Osaslee de Petroreau today? When everyone inquires about the Vanessa Silas, he submits himself to the Tubia, a close relationship with Isabella (a character played by Lurilla Kucariani). Alexander, who is thrown into the bed in the middle of an incision leading to the culprit, wakes up in a hospital bed where he restructs a version of the Diego criminal. In fact, all the hints seem to come back. For this reason, this afternoon the child will be taken to jail. Is he really the culprit? It looks like Catherine has seemed contradictory, and through the feelings she feels, Elena agrees to reopen her investigation. Will Pieter's nephew succeed in catching a person who has been accused of murder? To this evening. (Written by Fibiola Ilyanano)

Diego and all Sonia BREAK CATERINA FALLS

The character of Peter's Island, Cameron Diego has not yet found a way to tell about Fabrizo: their relationship is now over, but it still continues. Sonia is now linked to Sonia Gandhi. He tried to achieve a little longer, but he did not give up. Diego and Catherine's love are still in the mythical characters. In the next stages, Canale 5 is able to provide people with new and uninterrupted development. In the meantime, Tobia's health needs to be considered. Very subtle surgical procedures are required. However, investigations into the death of Vanassa Silas are more involved in killing the famous pediatrician Giacio Canal in Carlowforth. What are two murders connected? (Written by Fibiola Ilyanano)

The Deaco is the truth of my parents

Sixth Episode D. Island of Peter 2From fiction indoreretata Jiani Moriandi, Chirac Basaciatti, Michel Rosiolo Fadiero Rozo With guest stars Lorla Karkarin, Elizabethan Canali, November 18, Sunday is broadcast. The investigation into the deaths of Vanessa Silas and Guilia Canale continues. This incident happened in the evenings and provides new evidence for the removal of two murders. The series attracted 5 viewers from the channel, which gave the best result of their last season's medal. The fifth episode of L & amp; Asola de Petro, 3,441,000, is equal to 15.6% partner.

Pytto 2 Island: Alessandra Engreto

The investigation into the deaths of Vanessa Silas and Guillia Canale continues. The police will be convinced that there is a link between the two dead. Vanessa's daughter was Silas's new partner. Elena, besides collaborating with investigations, continues to care for her life. Whether Peter's daughter was sure whether she was confessing Alexander's pregnancy or not, Elena and Peter would find unconscious in the villa. Fortunately, Alexander's condition is not serious, and who is going to wake up at the hospital and go to attack him?

The Deaco is the truth of my parents

But Catherine will not succeed, but Petro Tobias will be put to lethargy if he does not agree with Diagega. An investigation into the attack on Alexander's hand, when Deigo is arrested, will be close to Isabella and nearby. Katherina, however, convinced her that she was innocent, and her mother threw Elena up to further investigate. So the inquiry will help Diego find great things about her parents.

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