Friday , March 24 2023

The exchange of sweets in Instagram touches the relief of the crisis


Niffar Adiya And Geodano masochjo Still Still Together: This is the news pointing to the web in the last hours, which is directly expressed on some submissions made on social networks. Therefore, a period of "dew", therefore, the main characters Men and women They have begun handing over their sweet memories: Roman has reconstructed the first part of his beauty and food and sand. So, "Gilfar" fans can relax: the crisis that has beaten these couples has never existed.

Neelfer and Jiordano go back to romanism more than ever on the web

Those who live in these days have little disappointment Nilfar, Jordan Recently: Their pets are not calculated on social networks, and they are more worse than anyone, giving them physical distances.

Google was propagating The allegation has been made With smile between Adash and Masochchi, his father used Instagram [VIDEO]To send a clear message about it: "** And also lessen your mind".

Vincenzo is opposed to this stand, but neither those who support the birth of men and women do not guarantee that they do not, or if they do not, they do not. "Gilufar" To specify how true they are between them.

For example, in Roman, a few hours ago "stories" were published Character "n" Shortly afterward, the former Tronitosto repeatedly sold the poor and sold them to the poor "G" He is walking on foot with a white sand in the Maldives, where he is a friends of his friends.

This transfer of the greatest submissions beyond that Nifurfer And Good luckThe definitive confirmation is that there is no problem; If you do not see it recently, you're only going to rest in the beach, staying in Italy for some job contracts.

"Something Nothing"– UM & D's previous suit was written under a video that appeared on her Instagram profile a few minutes ago. In this video, we see all the beauty in the lodging lenses.

Neelafar and Jiarordano are still in love with U & D and Temptation Island VIP

In recent events, we can clarify the relationship between relationship Nifurfer And Good luck It continues to be proud; The girl has been eight months since her appointment Men and womenSince then, this chat has happened to many couples.

A week after their engagement, Gilphar suffered a difficult problem: some new partners said Mazzocchi found A lie He sat down on the throne and was associated with a period of time Stephen Güzel Selmini.

After these "crimes", the couple decided to attend the first VIP version of the couple [VIDEO]Try to understand the feeling that you may be stronger than doubts and misunderstandings.

We know that Pranayambar was joined by Simona Venjra's reality show, Strong and more knowledgeable Their love.

Today, Neelfer and Gianordano are ready after the denial of the rumors of the crisis distributed to the network. RibbcourseHave you noticed the views of a Vava Suresh (together with her friends with her friends in Maldives), but the time they live with is closer and closer.

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