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Stock market indices and expansion on November 19, 2018


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17.43 – Frenna Wall Street in High-Tech

Wall Street fell to Apple and Facebook. Dow Jones lost 1.16 percent to 25.117.26 points, Nasdaq 2.17 percent, 7.090.58 points and S & P 500 dropped 1.21 percent. Facebook has lost 4.71%

17.42 – Milan Closes Down to -0.29%

PASSA is close to Afar. Fitms Mbe 0.29% gain to 18.823 points.

17.25 – A 321 POINTS AT SPREAD

Spreading between BTP and Bund continues. This difference is more than 320 basis points (321). 3.58 per cent in the ten year treasury.

16.30 – Milan Gira Negative

Milan Stock Exchange opposes Ftse Mib, which gives 0.1%. The Wall Street stream flows into Piazza Afri and other lists of old-fashioned lists. In the context of the conflict between the government and the European Union, this is in the background. BPT and Bund are the 318 base points. The Italian ten year yield is 3.54 percent. In the Piazza Antariri, Mediobanka (-3.8%), Banca Medalana (-1.9%), Terna (-1.8%), RecordsDate (-1.6%), Teneris (-2.4%) and Dividend Payout took the initiative. Lexotroe (-1.7%) and Air (-0.9%) were also poor. Successful Supervisor Tim (+ 3.8%), after assigning Luigi Gubitos as Managing Director, is the most definitive possibility of a network off spin-off. The banks are better at Cari (+ 11%), Banko BPM (+ 3%) and Ubi (+ 2%).

16.20 – The tail of the tail of the tail

Wall Street worsens. Dow Jones was down 0.92 per cent to 25,177.42 points. Nasdaq is down by 1.80 per cent to 7.117.97. The S & P 500 declined by 0.90 percentage points to 2.711.39 points.


The borders between BTB and Bond rose to 315 points on the Bloomberg screens. The Treasury's 10 year income rose to 3.53%.

3.40 pm – Wall street beauty DJ-0.15%, NASDAQ -0.34%

Opens in the negative belt of Wall Street. Dow Jones lost 0.15% at 25.375.84 points and NastCh 0.34% at 7.222.55 and S & P 500 declined by 0.27% to 2,730.98 points.

15.06 – BTP ITALIA A RILENTOO: Reached 366 million Harvested Seats

There is no joke to sign the 14th BP Italy, and today's observation began on 19 November. Subsidies for mortgage-backed security forty years are still at € 366 million in mid-session. From Wednesday onwards, small investors will continue their placement and will be provided with institutional investors on Thursday. According to Treasury, BT offers a guaranteed minimum annual rate of 1.45 per cent to the Italian inflation index designed to meet the needs of the retail market, as they are available to investors with the protection against the Italian price increase. Last May BTA Italy reached 160 basis points in May, reaching € 7.5 billion, of which from 4 billion retails.

13.13 – Paasah Afri Piata

Pipsy Afridi Mid Day Eat Parutti (FC + 0.1%), Strong Ubi (+ 2.3%), Salvatore Ferragamo, 3% points when Bancocon BPM and Tim rose significantly above Europe with 3% Some pills of Inseza and Unicetity have fallen by two points between one and two points between Seymour and Teneris. However, the division of dividends in the banking sector was 3.8 per cent lower than expected. Karige (+ 11%), and the Azali (15%) "small" titles are very unstable.

12.44 – Tim Ben After Gibitov

Tim Hemi, who has been waiting for half an hour in the Piazza Afrei after appointing Leagi Gibtoti managing director and general manager. In the header, 3.5% After 0.555 sessions in 0.555 euros. Good but Unusual Exchanges: It has taken over 93 million to 70 million shares on Friday.

11.53 – The fastest business supply

Piazza Andari continues Conference Good week Decline Compared to other European exchanges, FysSE Meb index rose 0.6 percent. In Paris, (Six Index + 0.1%), Renault, Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Motors, Carlos Gos, Japan For violating financial regulations. All Dividend accounts like Bans Madiónonom, Rocorghatti, Teneris, and Terna are being destroyed in Piazza Foreign Broadband. All the medibanks will lose 3% to 7.5 €. 3.5% Tim up to unstable Kargi (+ 11% to 0.0019 euros), remained at the auction for the instability of asheside.

10.30 – The best Milan in Europe

European stocks rose sharply at the start of the day, backing from the back of the price Oil About the possibilityOPEC Cut out a large production line: London 0.4% salt, Paris 0.7% e Frankfurt A half percentage point. MilanThe Italian stock market is the best stock exchange this week on Italian government bonds that face turmoil. Fits MIp index rose 1.2%. Tim, CEO of Piaggio Afari, after appointment of new CEO (+ 4% to € 0.55), UBI (+ 3.9%) and Banco BPM (+ 3.5%). The small title of Bancikeg is still volatile, as well as an unstable auction, up 11%. Medibonba is still weak, decreased by 2.3%, and Salvatore Feragomo down by two and a half meter. From Fridays, Oswald Retreats (-9%) and Salini Imperialo (non-binding offer in the convention group) are 2.8% of the two euros.

09.45 – Business Scheme EXPECT continues

The first exchanges confirm the good start Piazza Aphari: Fits Mis Index is used by Italian government bonds and electrical bonds as the low voltage at the start of the electronic market. Tim 0.8 per cent. Tim moved to Managing Director of Gibtosis, increasing Tim 2.5%. In other major stocks, good stocks (+ 2.5%) and CNX increased 2.4% in international redistribution of high-tech stocks. Banks (1.6%) and MPS (+ 1.6%) were banks, while 1.6% each were banking and 3% for the bank. Feragrama is also weak (-3.5%). Banca Carrige is one of the smallest of the smallest shares with a 11% increase, and is always volatile.

09.20 – Tim positivity after GBT

For first trade Tim In the Stock Exchange of Milan: Appointment as Lieutenant General Executive Officer as Liu Guptotti as General Manager: Stock up 2% to € 0.53 initially.

09.03 – GROWTH business SQUARE

Good start Piazza Aphari: The first FCB index rose by 0.5%, an increase of 0.34% on Fits.

08.46 – Province of Cabo

The Leave out Between Bump And Bund The 308-point loss since Friday's closed-hours dropped sharply. The Italian 10-year Bond profit is 3.46%.

08.37 – Inaugusty Close Inauguration

In the first week of the equity market Asian And the area Pacific The export of Japanese export and the fall of commercial air force China And United States As these financial operators say, these hours will improve. Tokyo Their day ended 0.6% Shanghai Hong Kong's half-percent decreased by 0.9 percentage points. The overall index in the index rose 0.3 per cent. Cassadac's 1.7 percent share of high tech stocks. Sidney's closing sidelines include Sydney, which is closing down 0.6% of the few sorts of sessions that could be informed in advance of their opening in Europe.

06.15 – Good Japanese Export

Resume the need Car It helps to return to the United StatesJapanese export Compared to last month, when there were many natural disasters, including the closure of the Osaka airport and the 7-magnitude earthquake in Hakaiido. Japanese exports grew 8.2% in October, according to data released by the Japanese Ministry of Commerce. Declined by 1.3 per cent in September.

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