Wednesday , February 8 2023

OnePlus 6T is the first live photos in Thunder Purple


A few days ago, "Thunder Purple" was officially announced for the new version OnePlus 6T: The hue and respect of the iridescent color followed by this trend is the opening of this year and the inauguration of the inauguration and more recognition from the public.

In this situation we are facing a pin body The purple and Fuchsia passes, A visual effect gives more indication of a colorful finishen. Today, after the first-ever rendering shared the last week, the first live photos OnePlus 6T In Thunder Purple, this beautiful version has been closed, shared by GizmoChina.

It is very bad in Italy (but in Europe and America) that it will never see: OnePlus 6T on Purple Energy It's actually reserved for the Chinese market only in the configuration 8 + 128GB RAM + Internal storage.

In short, at that moment we have official color contents at the Launch Office (Mirror Black and Midnight Black)In the past, recalls that the Chinese manufacturer made new editions out of the country, even from the domestic market.

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