Wednesday , October 5 2022

Legacy and champion Massimo Canoletta speaks: “I get eye-popping messages, but I do not reveal what to take. What can I do at home? 7 days on the couch”


“Material Goods? I don’t care, you can give me a trip with the money I earned. I promised to take my grandchildren to Colombia. ” To speak in an interview Messenger Is Massimo Canoletta, 46, from Aquarica de Lex, part of Vernol, the undisputed “idol” of fans for more than a monthTradition, Roy 1 Pre-Evening Television Quiz Flavio Please specify. The SuperSample He will not miss a beat, and in the last episode, he took home another 50,000 euros, so the record prize of 250,000 euros in gold tokens came in, “although I did not find how long it would last in my pocket”.

Gentleman, a few days ago made a mistake with the intention of favoring a “better” opponent, in some ways a “sex symbol”, so much so that he received so many “winking messages” Instagram, Despite its small reputation, lies on the ground at the feet of the Connolly. “Many people write to me, people of different ages, even teenagers. Virus positive people, men and women – says Al Messenger – and messages Winking, it is true. In that particular situation, I always say on social media for informational purposes, do nothing else. I’m not twenty. I do not want to be compared to Alberto Angela, My pure myth, but he also reveals, certainly not Town“.

After deleting the “gentleman’s” gesture, Canoleta took part in a new episode, thanks to a control system that allows those who have reached seven “guillotines” in a row to return. “Now? It’s like resetting everything now – he explains – I don’t enjoy the immunity that allowed me to be saved now. Compared to before I felt the adrenaline load”.Calmness is essential to reasoning in games“Underlining that this is not a question of love for games with opportunities or opportunities,” he explains. “I’m very strong in trivial – he says – I like risico bingo.” However, the weak point remains, i.e. intuition. “I gave the wrong answer because I was in a hurry – he tells the messenger – but the cameras do not bother me. No money. These are numbers that only make sense when you are in the guillotine ”.

Massimo Canoletta, who has been criticized by some on social media, has been in touch with the outside world for over a month, thanks to social networks, underlining: “I hoped it would split. I smiled when I told him that this was from umption trade or knowledge ”. There is no false humility, only “justice”. “At other times I own a gift pool created by an opponent – he explains – I know how it feels.” Thanks to being alone in the hotel, now life has not changed much: “I do not have a social life”. But who knows when, when, or how soon the champion will have to give up the game, and for at least a week the social life will be almost empty: “Will I do it at home first? A week on the couch. I can only approach my cat’s feet. ” And then? When confronted with the theory of new perspectives, the champion does not back down: “Do I want to stay with Rai? – He says – A lot. I like to tell stories, TV audiences are the biggest. I will not back down if the opportunity arises. “

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