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Juventus market, Inter challenge for a luxury transfer transfer

Serie A is still on top of the standings Milan , മാ Inter e Juventus They seem to have started the “ly officially” run-up. While waiting for the live match on January 17th, Nerasuri and Bianconeri point out the important things at the Famha house against Bologna and Turin. Convincing wins different and different, but at such a delicate stage of the season with so many close matches, scoring points is more important than ever.

Parallel to head-on on the pitch, however, there is no shortage of general targets in the market, whether it is the upcoming January session or summer. The next name to argue is very noteworthy, its Angel de Maria .

The Argentine winger, who has been in the PSG since 2013, is due to expire next June, and negotiations for a renewal are yet to begin. Rather. El Fidio wants to stay in France and complete his career at a high level with that shirt, but has two problems to solve. One of them is his relationship with coach Thomas Touche, who has nothing but to stand firm on the bench, but strengthened his position after Manchester United’s victory on the pitch and qualified for the group stage of qualifying for the knockout stages of the Champions League. This includes Leipzig, the semifinalist of the final edition.

Tuchel sees De Maria as the owner, but deliberately replaces him, a situation that the former Real Madrid did not like at all. The other hurdle is the position of the company, which is willing to renew the contract, but has a one-year low salary. Di Maria, on the other hand, is aiming for a two-year and apparently no loss of salary, which is currently around 7 million . Hence the temptation to change landscapes.

Inter and Juventus ready: From a tactical point of view, the player will be more comfortable with Bianco Connery expecting a new classic shot Zero parameter , But does not lose inter hope, and aims to enhance the group’s international experience.

The two managers monitor the developments in the relationship between De Maria and PSG from a distance and study the summer strategy.

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