Monday , June 5 2023

Iliad: Corners in Corpore Hypermarkets will also be available


Elliot Continuing at the national level extension process Some of the new elements in Carrefour hypermarkets have been activated. A few days ago, French operators and those associated with Unionor and STORE have recently added categories that are open.

Here is the complete list of the Carrphur hypermarkets currently included in the official Web site store locations:

  • Turin: Caripore Corso Montecoco 108
  • In pavia: By Carrifor Vigentina 19
  • Pastor or dignonCarriore Shopping Center in Brianza
  • Lo: Carrior S. The FIG. Anneniyita 278
  • San Giulianova Term (PI): Carrior Feilbrickcon Pontorvo 3

Additional Corners Available:

  • Belpasso (city) – Etnapolis Shopping Center
  • Portrait Airport (VE) – Adriana Shopping Center 2
  • Bellinsjo Lombardo – La Correnta Lombardy shopping center
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