Friday , September 30 2022

Freedom of newspapers, fireworks for journalists – Chronicle


All journalists in the streets of Italy to defend the freedom of the press. The National Press Federation organizes organizers in local capitals and receives from colleagues in Brussels and London, the slogan "Exchange of information". After issuing a verdict for Virginia ragi, a group of choruses started after Louis De Mao and Alessandro de Batista announced it against journalists.

Major institution positions stopped yesterdayAuthority for communication guarantee. "He claims every attack on the media organs – harming the constitutional principle of the expression of free thought which has both news and right to criticism of the pluralism of the information."

Major events in Rome, in the presence of federal leaders in Piazza di Sainti Apostoli and Milan in Graecia. Ansona, Astio, Bari, Bologna, Bolzano, Cagliari, Campobasso, Florence, Genoa, Naples, Palermo, Perugia, Pascara, Potenza, Regio Calabria, Turin, Trieste, and Venice. The reaction of the five-star movement is not too late.

"Freedom of information always assures us by improving working conditions of journalists, especially low journalists, exploitation." Louis de Mao The live video in a social network adds: "We must guarantee the freedom of printing Fair compensation " For all the professionals, even journalists. "Everyone should be free from printing," Mia added. "We believe that the bill can be brought to parliament. Clean publishersThose publishers who are not political or financial interests. "No one today speaks of authoritarianism, or like the Berlusconi-like dangers of authoritarianism, laughing at me a little bit," says Die Mayi, journalists such as Beagi, Lutzasi, and Santoro.

"He's gone Corporate, children, kindness, hypocrisy, and resistance, The tough and the opposite implications of a part of the media system – he underlines Alessandro di Battista -. For narayanabaliyuteyum for a system to defend the authority to approve, cavittittarunna all wickedness, pride and the bad, and the arivillattappeal pratikulasucakannalil nunakaleat written, "I have a patrapravarttakananenkil, I have to shoot at the goal and doing akannupeakumayirunnu from the discovery of the facts," Justice and Alfonso beanapha Added data.

Here are all the signs of the event

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