Sunday , April 2 2023

The Treasury did not get good indications on the first day Btp ItalyIf you have not seen since 2012, with a much lower order. Today, on the second day for a small saver offer, things do not go well: in the middle of the day – after 481 million – the applications have only 170 million registered. In comparison, last May, more than 2 billion applications have been exceeded to make a comparison. Thursday is turning to the establishment, but everything is all right The European Union Commission's judgment – Expecting tomorrow – Italian Budget law, rejected the expectations and still could not complicate the relationship between Rome. When the EU Commission decides, these turmoil are going to collapse, "said Tiria. Lugie de Maeo said.

At the same time, the new alterman in the banking sector is headed out of the ECB's supervision New in Dan. I do not think banks are able to bring great concern. But we do not know what the future is, "he said, adding that" the Italian banks, which "endeavored" to "clean up" their budgets, "have been affected by the consequences of political debate." But this happens because Greek banks have begun with political discussions and say our fingers have been cut.

The change in income between Italy and Germany has adversely affected the bank's securities. The sale of expansion has widened, and the excess deterioration has been prevented. The Meeting In the afternoon, it lost 1.87 per cent. Other European stock exchanges were red and red after the general weakness of the lists. This is the weight of the American technological sector. London Profit 0.83% Frankfurt 1.56% Paris 1.13%. In Ftse Mib, Enel (+ 1.01%) performs business on the day of business plan, 27.5 billion investment (+ 12%) for re-buyers and customers in 2019-2021.

This morning Tokyo Stock Exchange The shutdown was not only a decline in the tires, but also because of the arrest of the president of Automobile Alliance, the company that had hit Nissan and Mitsubishi shares and Renault and Carlos Ghosean. Nissan sold 5.7 to 950.7 yuan. Mitsubishi Motors' sales were up by 6.84% to 680 yuan. Nikkei ended up 1.09% at the end of trade, while the broader index index fell 0.73%.

Last night session a Wall Street It is getting worse. On the Wall Street, too, is being sold. It burns achievements in 2018. The rising trade clashes between the US and China are worrying in the stock markets of America. Microsoft has created new adverse notices on Apple's iPhone demand, and various fraudulent frauds (-5.7%), leading to industry regulation. Tech has sold 3.8% for the US stock. The decline in the two-year period of the index, measured by American producers' confident, has been consolidated for the slowdown in the economy. The President of the New York Federated Firm. In the last session of Europe, Dow Jones 2.13, S & P 1.76% and Nasdaq 2.31%, respectively.

Italy said to the violators: Here is the step of Kairali struggle with the European Union

DecreaseEuro It is traded at $ 1.39 after dropping below 1.14. Pound sterling is up by 1.2 per cent (-0.1 per cent) in the latest ongoing bridge. In Asia, Yen increases to $ 112.5 per dollar. New construction materials are ongoing in America. In France, unemployment rate was 9.1 percent in the third quarter and a stable in Germany. The manufacturers' sales rose 0.3% in October. Expectations.

The price hike is after five days of rage through tensions and breadth in the marketGold. Metal will soon reduce the amount of metal by 0.2% to $ 1221 a ounce. And always between raw material, price Oil The Asian markets were down due to fears that production will be in the next OPEC meeting. In January, the delivery contract was 7 cents a loss of 57.13 dollars. Brent was 18 cents at 66.61 dollars.

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