Wednesday , September 28 2022

Eight cases of measles in the bar: All unapproved


Eight people have confirmed all certificates of all the networks of measles cases registered in the Bari: five minors – the youngest 11 months – three adults. To determine whether infections existed, a 10-year-old girl and a daughter's daughter were born in the infectious ward of the pneumonia pediatric hospital, the daughter of pregnant women. The virus affected the elder sister and another baby. Five of the five non-juvenile patients were discharged. Three others are still being treated in the hospital. Two are pediatrics and 16 years old. Three adults in the Polyclin D Barre are under observation. Measles diagnosis was determined by fifth person. Everything is good health.

While trying to inflammate an epidemic investigation, yes, the controversy threatening the vaccine was guaranteed to be dangerous, and they promised only to provide food for pharmaceutical companies.

The director general of the Giovanni Magliour Polyclinic is very difficult to say: "Parents should vaccinate children and not be able to determine health care for each individual's political morality or personal conviction." In the meantime, Puglia reflects a phenomenon that describes the defense as objective. We are trying to understand whether the diagnosis is too fast, "says JianCarlo Ruskitty, director of the Department of Health, who responds to a final term of the protocols required by law.

"Ruscitti explain – for the next hours – it conflicts be able to establish the origin. We have been the victim vaccinated 10-year-old rushed to the vaccination of 95% pagliyayil in the last three years. However, she is shown with measles. However, we still do not know, just for her.». Warning, Barry ASL ago Control of the country, particularly in the school, the family continues. Mutirnnavarekkuricc involved, it is for other reasons rushed to the Department of supparvaisaryuman two women. One of the children in a pediatric hospital chief.

What happens at this time, the Health Minister Gulia Grillo intervenes. "We will not be able to reduce the fifth Environment Guard. Bariyil reported new outbreaks of the investigation is still going on. Delete this shows the extent of the disease in our country is still ceyyanuntenn. Not only that, a few months – the World Health vaccination coverage is still very low following information Organizer It was the staff. Do not understand how this law is implemented after the grilleaykk circular bariyil by the former Minister biyatrais learensin verification and ask them to investigate other parts of the country.

"The government minister, Grillo and the Parliamentary Activities of Parliamentary majority in the matter of vaccines were not helped to reduce the guard." Lorenzin's Attacks: "No law-abiding vaccination, strict regulation, punishment for those who want to abandon the law, "According to a new law in the Senate, the forced force of mandatory vaccines, the forcible nature of the lawns that reached 10, forced a vaccine to force a therapy.

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