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Covid Lombardia Bulletin: Today, December 6, 2,413 new cases and 140 deaths – Chronicle


Milan, 6 December 2020 – As Lombardi prepares to experience a decisive week based on the Covid data, which is likely to enter the yellow zone from Friday, December 11, Governor Atilio Fontana has issued a warning. Health Minister Roberto Sporanza: Some other sacrifices are still needed. “The first reference is to the ban on moving between municipalities these days Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year, A measure that very strictly considers areas where the government has been asked to reconsider. Fear of being cautious even in the promotion of Lombardy in the yellow zone. Fear, in fact. This is because the data speak for themselves and indicate a decline in key indicators: infections and deaths. In fact they are today There were 2,413 new positives in the area and 26,026 kylases were performed. Instead, the death toll continues to rise: 140 deaths (111 yesterday) The total number of victims since the outbreak has risen to 23,024. However, the number of patients admitted to the hospital with symptoms is declining: 182 less than yesterday, a total of 6,372 (-182). There was a slight increase in the number of intensive care units: +2 (807 in total).

Dpcm 3 December: New Government Fac

Yellow Zone and moves between municipalities: Lombards now believe in it

The best gift Lombards can expect for Christmas is a two-step reduction in anti-epidemic measures: the first that Lombardy expects next Friday Enter the yellow zoneThe second is to rethink the government on the travel ban between municipalities At Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve. Because, this is the fear of the president of Lombardy Atilio Fontana, So you risk Escape from the north On the last weekend before December 25, as happened in March, a few hours after the lockdown. A fear that seems to confirm a fact: Alitalia reservation soared 50% increase between December 17th and 20th. He confirms again Caution The Home Secretary Louisiana Lamorjee: “To be precise, at Christmas time, we have to break away from our traditions and celebrate everything together. The necessary sacrifices will allow us to face the New Year more safely.”

Focus – Kovid, Lombardy Yellow Zone: Here are the rules for shops and shopping centers

Kovid, Lombardy Yellow Zone: This is how the journey changes

Kovid: Treatment with diabetes medication

Waiting for vaccines, a There is already a drug for the treatment of Kovid. It is a molecule that has been used for some time to treat diabetes and is expected to be included in a protocol for diabetics from March. Awareness began with a research edited by Pavia Bruno Solarte Collaborates with Sacco of Milan, Paulo Fiorina and Massimo Galli of the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Pavia. “The study was conducted on the occasion of the first wave – the diabetic patients who were severely affected by the Kovid and later incubated with helmets were explained. We had to act immediately and we adopted an emergency protocol.” AlIn addition to San Matteo, four structures participated in the research About 350 patients were treated, half insulin to control blood sugar levels and half insulin and cytoglyptin.

Double explosion in Spedali Civil

Meanwhile Spadali Civil in Brescia I ‘m in the middle of a storm Double explosion. Swabs Every day Hospital staff, Block New entries‌ e Progressive displacement Positive patients. So you address Expansion, Released last week, in the department Traumatology of Civil Hospitals, Where there were some patients Positive after admission. Compared to the dozen cases that took place last week, there would have been about twenty consecutive Kylases present. Positive even among doctors and nurses; There would be some patients Move Initially at Scale 14 (just as we are trying to pass on at Scale 4.0), to clean up the department and block new entrances. The same protocol will be implemented in Scala 7 (second and third surgeries) New explosion, With small numbers

Corona virus: less than a thousand hospitalizations per week

According to last week’s figures, from Saturday, October 28 to yesterday, the Kovid epidemic has eased and the pressure on hospitals in Lombardy has eased. It has Registered More than a thousand Few hospitals In the Kovid wards, more than a hundred people in intensive care. And reduces it Infectious Disease Index Rita. That’s it According to the date of the buffer calculated in Metropolitan Arts Milan and Lodi, it is consolidated, because it depicts the situation on Sunday, November 29, Is 0.74; The crystallized entry date is Thursday, November 26 at 0.80 rt.

Provinces data

The Lombardy Region Covid Bulletin will be published here as soon as it becomes available

National data

The National Data on Kovid Infection will be included in the map of the regions as and when notified by the Ministry

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