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Aquarius vessel of MSF was seized. "Abandoned dangerous waste, including the clothes of immigrants." Query on 24


Roma – After two years of investigation between NGO and the usual money makers, the Katania Prosecutor's inquiry declined to waste waste of manned ships in the Pacific poles. Prosecutor under this charge Carmelo or Sucrose The Panamiris authorities removed the flag and conquered the ship aquarius and sauce merchantas within a few weeks at Marseilles. Some MSF bank accounts have been seized.

Accusations against NGOs

"This is a wide range of migrants who have stolen diseases, tuberculosis, fatigue, mental exertion, HIV and aquarius, and do not give up on clothing and property that does not use people's primary care." Inquiry conducted by the Catholic Prosecutor In 44 landings, prosecutor in the last two-and-a-half years, Prosecutor Sookoro said that the 24-tonne accident was illegally sold at a cost of € 460,000, while Aquarius captured. Twenty-two people were looking for awareness about the risks in the hands of patients who were infected with the virus. Among them are MSF leaders and rail & # 39; s ships. Travelers.

Salvini tweets, Msf Replica

"I'm really good at blocking the NGOs, I have stopped not only the transportation of migrants but also from the production of sewage materials." Portuguese, "the home minister's opinion Mato Salvini. Compel the anti-criminalization of the sea's medical-humitarian activity. After two years of judicial investigations, bureaucratic barriers, defamation cases, and crimes that are allegedly related to human trafficking – it's a fatal reply – we allege that we will now become part of a criminal organization targeting waste disposal. We are trying to stop our search in the sea, "he says Caroline ClégerEmergency responsibility for Msf.

In reproduction …

Accusations: Captain does not communicate with waste materials

The 24 suspected organizations have been instructed in connection with telephones, telematics, environmental and video interventions, as well as marine, health and commercial documentations and technical harbors of ships. If landing is not required, the Aquarius Commander and any other vessel associated with the vessel, Vas Prudence, should be separated by the ship separation if the NGOs do not produce waste.



Case diaspora, Salivin a safe advancement


The Catania Prosecutor's inquiry said that Francesco Jiannano, Intermediate Shipping Agent, Elsewhere, and Msf, the Board of the Italian ports are also collecting and distributing the disposal of dangerous waste from MSF ships. Giovanni Ivan Rimio, is a sub agent of Jiannano company. The NGO MF for the waste disposal. In particular, Italy's chief executive, Michelle Trentity, was looking for Belgium for the "organized activities of unauthorized pollution"; Responsible deputy national coordinator Christina Lomey distributes Italian Mission; Marko Ottavio, Logs and Liaison Officer Msf; Evgenii Talanin, the commander of the Russian and Aquarius ship; Olkerander Yarkhko, Ukrainian, first Aquarius deck officer; Alloys Warm, French, Marcello Kraij, coordinators of the SAR Macmirias Project in Dutch and Holland; Jackic Tih, Logistic Coordinator of the German, Aquarius Saar Project; Logistics Deligate on Dutch and Aquarius Board; Nicholas Romuk, British Project, Project Coordinator at Aquarius Ship.

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