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Alzheimer's scientists studying how to drink the human body


It seems scientists have discovered A human brain, An activity that we've tried to achieve for decades. The Researchers at Tufts University in MassachusettsIn fact They grew up A 3D man's tissue model "Structural and functional properties of the brain" and "neuronal function" show.

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Developed 3D models of the past have lost an important factor: neurons of human life. Progress in stem cell technology can be made into an integrated plurpitant stem cell (IPCS), which can be formed from various sources, including the skin of the new brain. It's easy to convince someone to separate from a skin, unlike its own nervous system. IPCs are creating back the precision of the clock to the precautions in embryonic conditions. At this stage, they can be transferred to any type of cell (including neurons). Once you have been able to train neurones in silk proteins and collagen scaffolds.

In the center of 3D models, a "window" allows the researchers to visualize the growth, organization and behavior of individual cells.
Cells from Parkinson's and Alzheimer's for Alzheimer's can be used. This helps us learn how to get started with the disease. The treatment progresses and responds.

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