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Using a widespread vacuum, hanging double the death toll


And she conceived, and bare a son. And when she saw him that he was a goodly child, she hid him three months. Exodus 2: 2 (Israelite Bible ™)

20 million people suffer from high brain viral disease, killing about 75,000 people each year and killing in developing countries in Africa and Asia – a good candidate to eliminate it. It has the best, most effective vaccine like influenza and other infectious diseases, and it does not occur in animals.

There will be symptoms from 10 to 12 days after the infected person is affected. There should be only one room in the same room as a mortal infected person. Cough, sneeze or at least one need not get tapped to get it.

In the first phase, the first phase is 40 degrees Celsius (104.0 ° F), fever, nose, eye and red eyes. The flat, red relief that usually begins on the face and later stumps in the body is its most famous symptom.

Pain relief in bronchitis, encephalitis, pneumonia, gonorrhea, coronary ulcer, eye, blindness and severe brain inflammation is a serious complication. Immunodeficiency children are especially weaker due to cancer or other conditions. Besides, the measles immunity can be paid in a month, which can cause ear infections and bacterial pneumonia.

One of every 1000 patients has a permanent damage to brain inflammation. Death due to nervousness or respiratory difficulties.

In the early 1960s, when a child is infected, his parents are often approached to help their healthy children face the infection. The safe and effective vaccine was introduced in the western world in 1963. Thousands of tens of thousands of years have been reported in America in the 1970s. Thousands of years in the 1980s.

Therefore, if there is a protective vaccine, no nutritional status has decreased. To stop vaccination, vaccination can be terminated in a measles transition worldwide, ie the theory of vaccination – this is theoretically possible.

For the first time, vaccine is not effective in infants below one year. Secondly, immunization involves spending money, and many poor countries can not afford it even with some help from the WHO. Others are infected because they do not have high quality medical care.

In addition, they are not naturally affected by the disease, and the child is no longer vaccinated and they become a source of infection. The estimates of measuring down to zero are estimated to be between 90% and 95% of the population. In 1995, 32 countries reported that measles vaccine coverage was below 60%. For instance, Haiti reported that vaccination vaccine against childhood was just 23%.

Because of the increase in global air travel, the passengers of an airline will have many diseases if he has a measles.

The problem that emerges in Western countries is Internet and social networks. People who mislead the defense of the public in order to persuade others to protect their children. This happened in the developed European countries. Some parents refused to vaccinate their children. As a result, in the first half of 2018, according to the World Health Organization, Europe has reported 41,000 miscellaneous cases. 40 children and older ones died.

The first vaccine dose is the first birthday of a child and the second dose should be given when he or she reaches the first grade. Shots offer 97% protection rate.

A new Israel study was published Pediatrics Journal It is possible that doctors of uneducated children in this developed country do not appoint doctors to doctors. Scientists at the Ben-Gurshan University in Beersheba said that although the formal education of mothers is lower, their two-and-four-year-olds are taking full advantage of state-specific tech courses.

Prof. Dr. Guy Hassan's research in post-professorships. Michael Fraigler and Ron Dagan of the Faculty of Health Sciences of Biggs Health Sciences is now very important because Israeli misses serious outbreaks. A 18-year-old boy was diagnosed with complications of measles complications. This is the first case since 2003. According to the report, 1,400 cases have been reported so far this year. Year.

Most of the new cases of measles have taken place in Jerusalem, most of which affect the elements of the entire Jewish orthodox community. More odd geographical groups in this region which the Jews' state recognizes does not relate to the state, so the little ones do not go to the baby's children.

The Jews are a small group of drug users who spread the use of drugs. "Natural Medicine" approaches the Jews who do not believe in the defense drugs. The Israeli government is considering the "fake stories" they read on the Internet from the pre-schools and other educational frameworks, and the limits of children who do not have any children. Tax deductions can be punished by unauthorized parents.

Between 2015 and 2016, the BHA study examined documents involving 2,072 children at the centers of five vaccines in mother and baby in southern Israel. It has been concentrated on many vaccines against children's diseases: Hepatitis B, Diphtheria tetanus-palleusis (using poliovirus vaccine or not), measles-mumps-rubella valisella, hepatitis A.

The Health Ministry has called for the prevention of vaccines against 18 months to seven years old.

"Vaksisinre expired after 10 years of school each year, 4 per cent to 9 per cent (depending on the preventive vaccinations), we found that mother's education connected internally. There is no relationship. Unnippa the education level of education and the importance of vaccination tainlainingil between the Father and to delay vaccination The researchers suggest that the stimulus would work best to improve education and other health-related behavior Yunnan.

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