Wednesday , March 22 2023

The first half of the Natians' sum was lost


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's first majoritarian defeat in Kenya by a majority vote of a vote on Monday, was stopped following rivals' ban on Israeli amendments.

Following the amendment, the proposal of all the bill to vote on Monday was removed. The rest of the equation has been canceled.

The government lost a majority of votes after Israeli opposition leader Avdor Laburnan became the Defense Minister.
Last week the government withdrew from the government.

Jezreel Castes, Benjamin Netanyahu, Avidore Liberman, Ayman Odeh (photo: OHAD SALLENBERG)

Iselin Kats, Benjamin Netanyahu, Aidor Liberman, Ayman Odehe Crescent Session (Picture: Ohad Zwigenberg)

When Education Minister Naftalti Benette Bait Yehudi declared that the party would withdraw from the coalition,
If you are not given the Defense Department, you will have to face the threat.

KSS In the security case, there was Defense Minister standing at the seat of MK Ayman Odey (Joint List) at the opposition bench.

Leiberon and Odé on the opposite bench (Photo: Ohad Swingenburg)

LeBorman, Odessa's opponents bench (Picture: Ohad Zwigenberg)

The majority from 47 to 42 were amended. Opposition members' amendment was amended. The amendment was declared by the hall inside and outside.

Five Kisant members of the opposition did not voted, but they were able to win an incredible vote. However, because there are not enough votes against opponents to overthrow the government.

Parallel to a plenary session (ערוץ הכנסת)

The cabinet has canceled its approval with the support of Benett. The Cabinet of Ministers was formed before the cabinet reshuffle. Benett responded to the cabinet meeting debate. .

"If Netanyahu says he can handle a vote majority party, he may be able to go ahead and try it .. It's very hard, especially for last year's alliance.

Usernet Cats and Benjamin Netanyahu (photo: Ohad swingenburg) in the Kenset session

Israeli Cats and Benjamin Netanyahu are in the Kenite session (Picture: Ohad Zwigenberg)

Finance Minister Moshe Kay Kahlon has questioned whether the present government can live their entire lives.

Prepare for elections in March, "Kulanon told a meeting of the party.

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