Tuesday , September 27 2022

The country has more drama than the Israeli municipal governments


More than 110 candidates in 55 municipalities in Israel will be held nationwide on Tuesday. No one succeeded in winning 40 per cent of the votes in the election before two years ago.

1 pm 10 PM M. Of the 19 municipalities, 29 million local councils and seven regional councils are not eligible to vote two million, Israeli prison officials and members of the Israel Defense Forces.

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In the worst offense in Jerusalem, candidate candidate candidate Mohay Lion attended the debate on Monday. Support for the heddygic section of the ultra Orthodox Agadu Israeli He has the support of the ultra Orthodox Deregal Hatora Party. However, a city councilor based in the gursie section told Haret, that the non-die secular candidate Omar Berkovich was "still an option".

"Although the deal still continues, to reach a contract, his [Berkovitch’s] People have to understand that living in this city can live together, "said councilor Johannan Weightmann." However, it & # 39; s definitely a & # 39; Marketing & # 39; We must strive to express a good will to be done.

A source in the discussions points out that only negotiations between the Berkechovich Hishart (Aeonical) Party and Agudat Israel have only minimal interventions.

Berkovich, who had failed in the municipality last time, has decided to withdraw support from the Civil Aviation Civil Civil Supplement of Jerusalem. Hitler activists were deployed adults in the ultra orthostox neighborhoods around Jerusalem to encourage citizens to vote.

"The play is taller," said Murdekhi Cohen, director general of the home ministry. "We are notified in the higher ratio of the vote percentage in this round."

He said that all his preparations for the polls were completed by his staff. He treated them with respect for maintaining the democratic process.

Twenty-two mayors – one of them is a woman-voting person. 11 women were elected to lead local governments in the first round.

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