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The ADNP syndrome is recovered by the losing ability of the drug and the drug candidate


Active-based neuroproof protein syndrome (ADNP syndrome) is the developmental delay in thousands of children around the world, intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder symptoms. There is no known remedy for this disease.

A new Tel Aviv University student is studying the drug student CP 201. It is also known as NAP. The daily vaccination of CDD2010 and Mother administrations have done research on the acute influence of ADNP in the elite Elizabeth and the interrupted interoric connectivity.

Professor of professional research at the Institute Illana Gozes, Lily, Abraham Gladour, chairman of the Investigation of Growth Factors, Elton Laboratory for Molecular Neurondromodynamics, along with the Toucher Soccer Faculty of Medicine, University and Research Group and Dr. Vista Kariova, BiokeTE Institute of Biotechnology. Research students Gal Halon-Cleman, Sholay Siriouvich, Gidon Carmone, Iris Gregg, Dr. The research was done in the study conducted by Metsda pesmanic-chor.

ADNP children give a voice

The ADNP syndrome is due to the transformation of the ADNP prototype, which is essential for the formation of the brain.

Professor Gojes, who found ADNP genes 20 years ago, said: "Children with ADNP syndrome are against intellectual disabilities, delayed language acquisition and speech abilities." "Many children can never speak.

We have found that we are connected with insufficient brain ADNP patealajineat Synaptic flaws in a mouse model vikasippiccetuttu.upabheaktakkal ADNP of the inadequacy of exploration, and the mouse model with daily doses of NAP treatments enrarnasanal managing the Internet or the mouse, and we review most of Para Rrarukaleyum significantly improved the specific genetic control, ADNP good news for Autism Researcher in the future. "

ADNP Research, the decade of Professor Gossz, has led to the development of the major neodocentric semi-PPP CPS in Edin. This increases the memory and fiber-enhancing nerve cell plastic by interacting with microscope end-binding proteins.

"We have seen the positive effects of the CPS in Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases," Prof. Gossis says. "ADNP- We have found that voice communication interruptions in insufficient mice have been successfully regenerated. CPS systematic injections or drugs that are used daily in drugs have affected global changes in the brain plastics and improved developmental milestones."

A new study has been conducted for more than two years. 72 ADNP – Cognitive behavioral tests and gene expression analogues were used by researchers to assess the developmental mileage levels of insufficient mice. They used 28 ADNP-adequate ultrasonic sound mixing analysis for insufficient rats and comparing the results of 50 "normal" mice.

A good candidate for clinical trials

Tel Aviv University Technology Transfer Global Ramot, Development of Coronary Neuroscience with NAP Licensing (CPS). After the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the APNP syndrome in the US was awarded the CP / 2012 as an orphan medicine.

Researchers say that existing studies lead to a clinical trial. "In the future, NAP (CP 201) has shown clinical trials based on intellectual disabilities / autism, and has shown great potential for brain and motor and vocational communication interruptions due to brain targeting interventions."

The Coronis Neurosciences, a preformative new drug program developed with a positive protocol (FDA) that posed successfully for the CPIN in ADAP syndrome was completed. The Indian program has acquired a pharmaceutical company with the permission to start human experimentation.


Study ERA-Net Neuron, Israel Science Foundation, Israel-US. Biennale Science Foundation – National Science Foundation – US (BSF – NSF), AMN Fund, Israeli Ministry of Science, Canadian Institute of Health Research, BOEEE, Dr. Spanish Friends of Tel Aviv University (Annie and Alex Cohen), Spanish Friends of Tel Aviv University, Ledy Foundation / Bloomfield Family of Montreal Award, Reneith and Armand Stemmer, Arthur Garbi Exchange (Tel Aviv University / McGill University).

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