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Selin Dion introduces a gender-neutral character for children Fox 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV


Tel Aviv, Israel – Celine Dion, a singer who gains five grams, loves to dress. They aim to change the conversation with her new collection of Selin. The style of fashion-line name type looks like a jump – the name comes from Selin + fashion company Nuon.

There are 70 stereotypes-free styles for children from 0 to 14 years old in new clothes. In Unu, it is designed in Unix.

"I always deny you," she says. Din wrote on Twitter Tuesday. "Participation [founders Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg] Equality and possibilities make a conversation much more effective. "

Diane said he had tried to avoid sexually transmitted during the development of Edward, Nelson, and 17-year-old son Renee Charles.

Diane said, "I'm trying to raise your children in the way you want to raise your children, and we have to decide what's the right for them." Another suggestion is to take a stereotype.

People learn about new fashion lines from all corners, including support and critics.

Advantages of the new clothesline

Everyone does not like the idea of ​​clothes that are not sexy, but some girls are especially helpful to help them be safe. Today, some of the fashion for girl girls is really up and parental claims that the shorts for girls are too short or too mature. Why is it for girls to make some things less compelling to shorts the length of the shorts for girls and boys? Instead of pressuring them to the more appropriate items for adults, the girls become girls – putting them in gender stereotypes again and again.

The purpose of many non-gender fabrics is partially banned to prohibit sexually explicit children. Simple T-shirts and jeans can save lives, and they will be putting pressure on the children to feel that they should be fashistas. Céline Dion Children want to have fun in their own clothes, and kids decide to decide if they like pink, flush prints, bows, and pearls. There are a few more frying items in it, but its clothing is not distant.

About 20% of children under the age of 12 offered maidens of last year's children's clothing to support the dress code for sex workers.

Prices vary by gender based market

Some markets for massive marketing may be cheaper – compare men's shampoo, women's shampoo, men's razor, and razor for women. Some sanitation products are not linked to gender, and often women's goods are more expensive, so it's good to understand how companies make stereotyping in order to get the money you need. This makes it much easier for you to earn a male racer and pay for your money.

Kids toys have a similar problem: LEGOs, Action Fiction, Play Cards, Board Games and other items have been sold more for the last 20 years. Do LEGOs have some colors for children and girls, or do kids like playing blocks? Marketing experts believe this is a major question that they believe has been solved, but kids like to play with toys.

History of colors and sales

Fun Fact: Pink is not always a favorite color for girls. In June 1918, a Ladies Home Journal article stated: "Generally the rule of boys, pink, color blue and the girls approved. Due to the strong color pink is more powerful, more suitable for boys, blue, more of a beautiful girl, which is beautiful this girl." Article written by this quote, smitseaniyansil Sa Sikkappettirikkunnu.

At the end of the day, pinch and blue are not universal to denote a child or a girl. There are different styles of color in different cultures around the world: South Korean pink is very common in men's fashion, blue color is a favorite color for numbers of people all over the world, but in some cultures the color to recognize a lot of blue. The longest lasting period was Egyptians, the only cult that could make blue colors. In some parts of the world, blue is not normal. A research team worked with the Himga people from Nambia. There is no difference in blue and blue, blue, green.

Children's clothing has changed more than a hundred years ago. For centuries, western children were ordinary to wear white roles until they were six. It tried to project irrelevant ghost-gender, but the dress was ineffective.

The first generation to wear a gender-specific dress was given to the baby by Smithsonian. In the mid-1800s, pastel colors, including pink and blue, were not straight, but straightforward. In the 1940's, the guidance on the color or the color based on a variety of guides.

"What happened once on practicality – Dress your baby in white clothes and diapers, and white cotton can be dirty – Oh my God, if I wear my baby in the wrong way they will grow to twist," Joe B. Pink and Blue: Girls of the Girls The Peas in America, Said Smithsonian.

Nanus founders of Tel Aviv in Israel, Iris Adler and Tolly Millerg began a decade before attempting to change the children's fashion conventions. The company provides clothes in neutral color palettes. Children's fashion might not be silly, faint or dirty. If you look at the company's website, some lambs are using pink.

The company's styles will give preference to earth and relief.

The clothes can also be seen in Nordstrom, Bloomminds, Six Fifth Avenue and other retailers. In designers' opinion, the word "Nunu" tells parents of unrelated children.

Unhappy with the clothes for non-gender children

Not everyone agrees with Diane's decision to partner with Nu. Thousands of fans tweeted when they tweeted. Critics have criticized Nataraja for changing the dress code. Children are afraid of losing their identity or confusing them.

Adler and Milchchenberg did not follow sex criteria by children's clothing. Midgl said that children do not want to raise children to play football or play in the club. Children want to play if they want to play games.

When Adler and Milchburg told her friends they wanted to start a Uisex children's dress, they laughed.

"When we begin, we know the friends and people we know about, do you understand the unisex clothes for kids?" Said Milchor Wokes in an interview. "Your money and jobs will be lost, but we thought it was very strong," Milchcher said.

Years earlier, Nayanu fashioned Dishan for her children for fashion. Last year, the company had come up with the company to start line of lines. Advertisements for the campaign were uploaded to YouTube in November and gained more than 412,000 views. Commercial mechanisms of police when entering a baby ward Viewers can be a misleading (or dramatic) ad – Here are some images to see what's in fashion style.







Is this the fashion line for everyone? Maybe not. It has a limited amount of items, some of which are expensive. If some casts are more than $ 100 then something similar to the Walmart or Target. The designs are limited and not really good for all the children. A newsletter based on a line or a company may not be impractical, but some items will be expanded into the child's vessel and provide more options. Some of them are good for Pajamas.

Most of the clothes are for relief, not for formal formalities. If you visit the main new website, there are more options – including the Toots. You may be improving their company through their Instagram page.

If Tim Burton is in movies, they love skulls, or if you like simple and unattached things – this dress is ideal for their style. It's a little weird.


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