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New gaming laws – Israeli gaming companies that are likely to lose special content



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Following the introduction of new laws for fixed-weighted batting machines, Israeli gaming companies, including Platek, are expected to lose. Playtech's owned Teddy Sagi is one of Israel's greatest customers in the UK and boasts a 35,000 machine software in the world's highest street bookmaker.

Machines help buy 100 pounds of benefits every 20 seconds. There has been a lot of criticisms from MPs. Tracy Crowch, a sports ministry by High Street & # 39; Crack Coconut & # 39; Labeled as. Machines are usually brush, loud, and supermarkets so that bookmarkers have higher margins, which have produced more than 1.3 billion pounds for companies over the past year.

UK pensioners and TracyCross have a pound of £ 100 per 100 pounds due to the stress of the UK. Croche is working hard to modify games. It was hoped to open £ 2 a pound in October 2018, but it pushed it for a whole year.

Crowce received a reputation from MPs including Boris Johnson. & # 39; Stay tuned for his beliefs & # 39 ;, still put pressure on it now. This will continue in April 2019.

Sage has a majority in Playtech. 9% commissioned each ballot issued by fixed single vehicle vehicles. As a result of new laws, the company is expected to lose 150 million pounds a year. There is no need to accumulate enormous wealth through property and other investments. The company has recently come to break its Asian market. However, the income seems to be stable.

High street bus manufacturers such as ladbroks and coral have protested against the new laws. However, shareholders welcomed that the new and improved laws are more transparent and fair. Ladbagh's stock was up 8 percent and William Hill rose 2 percent.

There are no minimum requirements for online casino or gambling. For first-time customers, the pounds are limited to £ 10, £ 20, £ 50, etc. So this new judgment only applies to in-home betting machines. Do not affect broad industry. Customers can be encouraged to use welcome or covered kiton bonuses, and varsing requirements usually apply.

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Israel continues to be a center for UK casinos that have benefited from customer management, web hosting, and technology. 888 Casino, Winner and William Hill now have their headquarters in Israel.

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