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Keep Arabe's Wrath in the Middle East

The Arab world is on the rise. The rumors about the content of this proposal have provoked public anger throughout the region.

Even though White House advisor Jard Kühner claimed that the century agreement was not a peace plan, it was never intended. The interest of the American people is the offensive of US-American imperialism. Israel has been misled to overthrow the eradicating Palestinian settlements and keep the Israeli's dominance.

This is new Cycle-pickup It must be split and weaken Arabs once. Israel can reign for long. As the British-French colonial designs have been rejected, the Kushner's agreements are the same. However, as a result of the defeat, the popular popular anger will become fuel and the risk of the Arab nation's existence.

Palestine: Arab K.

During the first decades of the twentieth century, Palestine was a meeting point for all Arabs. To justify their collective battles, western colonization, and to move against its offensive and the Zionist movement.

By the mid-twentieth century, the Palestinians surrendered to the colonial power that had been conquered by the Arabs for decades, in contrast to the largest Arab countries. The suffering of Palestinians under Zionist colonialism is also a reminder of a break with an Arab room and Western hegemony. As long as the Palestinian people continue to face daily violence, a long blockade and military occupation, freedom from Western colonialization will never really come true.

Although not remembered most of today's Arabs, war and occupation of 1967, war and subsequent Nakba were not limited to the 1948 war, it was both conscious and aware of the suffering of the Palestinian people for two reasons. The liberation of Palestine – one, "Tahrir Falutian" – has become an important factor in modern Arab political identity and aspirations; Israel's uncontrolled, uncontrolled Palestinian armed – diaspora and certain Palestinian resistance stand in the center of collective Arab political consciousness.

The Arabs saw the importance of the Palestinian cause, and the Arab rulers deployed and misused the Palestinian struggle for political conquest. With the establishment of Palestine's homeland in 1948, the Palestinian Delivery has become a common Arab mantra. Arab countries were widely used. The conspiracy was carried out With colonial powers against the Palestinians.

But Arab rulers have abandoned the occupation of the Palestinian state of Israel, and the Western "reward" for their "good character" happily admits and never follow the Arab streets.

Accordingly A 2017 study General public opinion in 11 Arab countries, 77 percent are the fate of the Palestinian people that all Arab Arabs are concerned. Countries that arrest the Norwegian or official relationship with the Arab countries or those who are arrested in connection with Israel are very careful about this issue: 90 percent of the Jordanians, 85 percent for Egyptians, and 80 percent of the Saudis are convinced that the Palestinian people are pan-Arab.

At the same time, 90% reacted positively to the security of their civil war and 87% of the Zionist regime's approval.

The fact that Arab leaders opposed their people's willingness and engagement with Israel reduced their legal disputes and became increasingly popular. In 2011, these feelings passed through widespread popular uprisings in the area. The vast majority of people complained about the seriousness of the Palestinian problem, as the Palestinian flag flourished in Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, Syria, and other Palestinian flags.

With the liberalization of modern political and political liberalization, the Arab activists expressed solidarity and solidarity with their Palestinian brothers and sisters. In the meantime The Egyptian mob attacked the Israeli embassy in Cairo and evicted all employees.

Today, other Arab countries have left Afghanistan after the reopening of Afghanistan. Al Qaeda has not had a single demonstration without Palestinian flags. These are the same people by 2016 With great pleasure Palestine national football tournament has its own friendly football match.

The rest of the Arab world is silence, belligerent and violent repression. But the surface is melted within the surface.

The Arab people also reject such compromises because the Palestinian state has not resolved its solution and is trying to make common ground with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Israel.

Anger's anger

In the beginning of the 20th century, the Arab Spring is the area of ​​the Arab Spring caused by the imperialist designs in the Arabs, the United States, and Israel, when Britain and France used the moment of the riots.

Using money, military power and political pressure, the Arabian region is seeking to carry out US-Israeli colonial interests and force the forced exile of the Palestinians from their land.

All of these Arab countries have their energy generated by growing anger and a coup that looks at governments that serve themselves. The US and Israeli forces are trying to assert their existence. However, the Arab people should not easily reject and avoid it. Because abuse will have many consequences.

The century break ended because the Arabian leaders neglected their corrupt governments and went down to their downfall. Like in 2011, Arabs' anger is passing through this ongoing agitation to cross the Israeli, Western and regional allies and cross the chromosome in Iraq.

Decades ago, as a US sponsored "peace process", attempts at resolving political pressure and economic use and the sustainability of the Palestinian cause and sustainability failed, so Kushner's "Century Agreement" failed. Like previous US initiatives, the situation in the Arab world and the country's population were totally deaf ears.

Tel Aviv, and some of the Arabian capitals, however, if this agreement is upheld, it can be handled through mass repression, censorship and social control. In the last decades, Palestinians and their Arab brothers have repeatedly demonstrated that their sisters should not be battered by cruel and violent overseers.

It is a big process for the Arab people to arrive in the Arab world for freedom and dignity. Palestine is in its center. The prevailing Ibs will be flowing, but ultimately, it can not be stopped.

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