Friday , September 30 2022

Israeli scientists use human drugs to transplant their own cells


Jerusalem: Tel Aviv University on Monday said Israeli researchers have developed a method for engineering human tissues from transmitters from the patient's auto-fat cell to the transplants.

This allows the patient to produce any tissue in the body, not individually reversed from the immune system.

So far, the patient's immune system has resisted and witnessed the contents produced from the synthetic or the animals.

Synthetic or biological polymers support tissues in tissue engineering, creating functional tissue.

So far, the extralerator material is considered to be the best of transplanters from the pig cells. In this process the cells of all pigs will be removed, and the rest of the human cells will grow.

However, the excrement of pigs produces extremely severe immune system, which can cause depletion of implantation. The patient must continue to add drugs, and sometimes for life, to suppress his preventive system.

To find a solution, in a small infection process, researchers who removed fatty tissue from a patient separated cells from the outer cells and created the patient's custom gel.

Then, fat cells can be transformed into cells, all of which are retroactive to plump booting stem cells.

Researchers have succeeded in producing tissue, repairing the backbone, damaging the heart, and neural tissue for Parkinson's patients and fatty tissue for reproducing surgery.

Due to the disease originating from the disease, they do not produce an immune response. This technology has been successfully tested in animals and in human immune cells.

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