Wednesday , March 22 2023

Israeli emergency response team to assist in California


80,000 people were killed and 13,000 homes were destroyed. Israeli NGOs send emergency response team in California Around 1,300 people are still missing.

Two outbreaks in northern and southern California erupted. Cat Fire is the coldest and most volatile in the history of California, where Barthay County (27,000) wiped off Paradise. Area of ​​the Chicago area.

Wulzi fire has been dispatched to southern California with borders of Ventura and Los Angeles. We landed 98,362 acres.

After a request from local communities, it should encourage the Israeli system to assess an assessment of the population and reclaim and reclaim the community. After losing homes, the relief material will be distributed to families living in the temporary shelter.

Israel's CEO Yotam Polizer said four Israeli agencies have fled to California and are planning to start work in Chikui. There are many vehicles living in the towns and shelters. Cars.

"We've seen a lot of tragedies over the years, but this is a complete disaster, all of them are burning on the ground, and many people are gone," Policol said, back in California.

"Search and rescue teams do not want to survive, they are left in a different scale from a theoretical perspective.

"When we speak with local people they support it, but there is some mental social support that's what we intend to focus on our efforts."

The Israeli and US-based mental health experts will include Israel and the group of collective groups. They will work with partner organizations to support the affected communities in order to revive and promote the society.

"We've crushed these firecrackers in California," said the police. "This is very close to our hearts, we have an office, a lot of staff members and volunteers, and many local people have been asking us to come and help us as long as we need them to support our people."

This was not the first time that Israeli help came to light in the deadly firefight in California. In October last year, a team of seven associates, including Polyesar, sought help from the Nazi valley. When 44 people died, $ 14.5 billion was damaged and 90,000 evacuated.

The Israeli delegation located in Santa Rosa, California, restrained the relief and pressure of the disadvantaged society.

The Israeli group is still working today and today.

ISRAID has an extensive experience in responding to the tragedies in the US and around the world. This year alone the Florida relief efforts were provided to the Floodin Hurricane, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Kenya and Guatemala.

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