Wednesday , March 22 2023

Day in history: TKI launches rocket on Friday History


• An international chain TGI silver opened this 255th restaurant in the US this week at Rockcaste, USA. New dining space Space Guests with 190 tables and bars.

• Stewartville High School has been rated as the best state for health and entertainment programs. The award is instituted by the Minnesota Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

• Rochester got only a few snowstains. But there are 18 inches snow and 30 miles-hour winds.

According to the Selviv Service Office, OldDown counters have a draft of 18 in December. The second highest quota since 1968 was Quota.

The Mankota State State College is withdrawing the North Inter-National Conference Conference. In 1970-71 the North Central Conference was signed. In 1972, at the Cuto State Football Conference.

Rochester Senior High School Clifford Goldsmith's Central Auditorium presented "What a Lifestyle". The play was fixed at the Principal's office. Many cast members were faculty members. The "make up" committee made a remarkable work.

"Today's world today students need to have all the knowledge and awareness that books can build for future with vision and intelligence." School Librarian Miss Marian Baker Several highlights quoted in Booker Week celebrations at Rochester's Senior High School.

• It is not legal in the near future to build any volcano in the controlled district of the Recchestá. For years, industries will burn their trash, but a new ordinance will end.

• All five theaters of the city are facing financial difficulties due to compulsory collection of five weeks. The city management's theater management has been asked to get the license back when the business places were closed.

Ten years ago: Al-Qaeda's number 2, Ayman al-Zawahiri, represented Barack Obama as black Americans. The president is a black American who performs a white one in a new web message that gains popular popularity between Arabs and Muslims. The Dow Jones industrial average has fallen to 8,000. The lowest since March 2003 is 7,997.28. Clive Barnes was a playwright and dancer in New York. 81 years old.

Five years ago: At least 23 people have been killed in a suicide bomber in the emirate in Iran. Of these, 140 people, including a diplomat, were killed. Venezuela State Sen. Craig Deeds, his mentally ill son Ghazz Deeds, was attacked and stormed several times. Drode Disney Mill Miller (79), a daughter of Waltz, died in a stimulant in building a Disneyland theme park in Nafa and Calif.

One year ago: Charles Manson died in 1969 after the murderous act of Sharon Tate, and six people died at a Los Angeles hospital in Los Angeles. He will preside over the party administration in December to protest Zimbabwe's ouster of Robert Mugabai in an attempt to oust him. State media and monitoring team in Syria reported. The pro-government forces defeated the state's last stronghold of the Islamic State Group. Dilei Raasi (86) passed away at the 85th age of Lolte Angel's Home.

Birthdays today: Top show host host is Larry King 85. Former General Electric's Chief Executive Jack Welch 83. Talk Show Host Dick Cait 82. Broadcasting and Sports Mogul Ted Turner 80. Former Senate Tom Harkin, D'Ayia 79. Film designer Calvin Klein is 76. Sportscaster Ahmed Rashad is 69. 65. Actress Kathleen Quinlan is 64. Actress Glenis is & # 39; Connor 63. Broadcast journalist and curry 62. Nice is Aston Jane 59. Rock Musicians Matt Zoram (Gunz N Roses, Velvet Rivolver) 58. Actress Meg Rihan 57. Actress – Jody Foster is 56. Oscar prize Jason Scott Lie 52. Olympic gold medal Gail Devers 52. Actress Ella Alexander is 49. Travis McNab is a rock musician. Singer Tony Rick 47. Actress Sandrin Holkt 46 is. Singer Jason Albert (Hartland) 45. Folk singer Billie performed the dance at the age of 45. Dance programs and music director Savin Glover is 45. Chad Jeffer 43 is a folk singer. 43. Rhythm and Blues singer Lil Mo Moni 41. Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast Kerry Actor Red Scott 41. Film director Barry Jenkins (film: "Moonlight") 39 Actress Katherine Kelly is 39. Neo soul musician Bruman Lohller 36. The actor Adam Driver is 35. The actress Samudra Futurman is 31.

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