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The screenwriter William Goldman, who won the Oscar for the film, criticized the film


William Goldman.

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William Goldman earned his Academy Award for Academy Awards Bitch Cassidy and Sundance Kid And All the President Although he was one of the most successful writers in Hollywood, he died in Manhattan on Friday, a critique of film industry. He was 87 years old.

Colon cancer and pneumonia were because of his partner Susan Burden.

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Mr. Goldman's screenwriter in a long career spanning the 1960s and early 1960s It's bad, A bridge is too far away, Stephanie Wives And Chaplin. He was also a novelist. Many of his novels are examples of his novels. Princess And Marathon man.

In an institution where authors generally performed relativity, Goldman became a celebrity. He is the owner of the film's director and director. Of his films, Eight films earned an income of $ 100 million.

When the 2009 cricketer Joe Quanan in Gordian called "the world's greatest and best-known writer", Goldman has become famous in Hollywood to write his first original screenplay at the end of the 1960s. Buch cassidyVolkswagen's twentieth century was $ 400,000 (US $ 2.75 million equivalent to $ 2018), a record of a script at that time.

Mr. Goldman wrote a script – two illegal history of history attempting to overtake the Old Vest by Law in Princeton University during the creative writing in 1965.

Released in 1969, Buch cassidy, Paul Newman and Robert Redford as Sundance Kid. Mr. Redford, a relatively unique Mr. Goldman helped maintain a major Hollywood star.

Hitler earned a hit Hitler, but Goldman did not see the film business. As is often noted, he is not a scriptwriter but a scriptwriter. He wrote over 20 novels, some of which are more than 20 scenes without pen names.

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He also wrote stage plays. Two of these were opened in Broadway in the early 1960s. He scripted the screenplays of his career It's badBased on Stephen King's Thriller for Bradaway, it was disappointing, starting bad reviews and closing after 102 performances.

Mr. Goldman decided to live in New York City in Los Angeles. He believed that the Hollywood scene was remarkable and rational.

"Writing is not an art form," he said in an interview to Publishers Weekly in 1983, Adventure in the screen tradePublished. "It's a skill, it's woodwork, it's structured, I do not intend to drown it – it's not easy, but if you do all that you do, you can only write the script, ultimately it tricks the spirit, you will get rich but you will not be happy."

Inn Adventure in the screen trade, A surprising assessment of the movie business that Hollywood insiders and film critics have announced is that "no one knows anything" Goldman took the initiative in the industry of his famous thin slippers. In his opinion, he wrote: "The image of the chain will not be accurately known about the person and what is going to work."

Mrs. Goldman had said many times that he was not specifically as a Mahatma writer but when he came to write the script, he gave a touching touch. "I have a kind of affection," he said in a 1978 interview with the New York Times. "I have the ability to do screenwriters, it's better and I had something else to write with the novels, they were getting bored and taking time, because no one ever liked my stories and people to love my script.

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William Goldman was born on August 12, 1931 at Hyland Park, Illinois, Maurice, Marion (West) Goldman. My father was a merchant. Successful career drunk. As a child, William Goldman has seen countless pictures at the Alison's Theater in Honolulu in Highland Park. He later said that he may have got such great ideas.

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His record was sold to Mr. Shri. Goldman provided Buch cassidy Goldman was not well known in Hollywood, but a "very powerful agent" by Eworts Sierrer, who was involved in the bidding for a bidding for the script. The highest grossing film of 1969 was the Academy Awards, including Best Original Screenplay.

In many of his novels Shri. Goldman liked it especially Princess, Published in 1973. But it's been designed to draw 15 years of incorrect start and incorrect startups on the screen. It was directed by Rob Reiner, who is more like director than Goldman's screenwriter. "I walked in the air," Mr. Rainer later remembered. "William Goldman said," That's true. "

In 2012, a 25-year anniversary resume Princess Goldman, Goldman, including Mandy Pattinkin, Robin Wright, asked whether he planned a success. "When do I write to write and write it, I do not know how it works," he said. "I would rather like more than anything I wrote."

In contrast, Mr. Goldman was disappointed in his writing experience All the PresidentWashington Post reporters Bob Woodward (Mr. Redford) and Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman) based on the role they played in bringing out the Watergate scandal. Goldman's participation has played a vital role, with its producer and co-director Redfield, the golden man who heads Goldman.

Shri. Goldman's script – for which he won his second Academy Award for the most remarkable screening and was published in the book Fiat the Fine. But later he wrote: "If you ask me, what should you change if you want me to live your film? I can tell you that the script I wrote is written, and I am not in contact with all the President. "

With Burden, daughter Jenny Goldman and a grandson. Another daughter Susanna Goldman died in 2015. In 1991, Marriage was separated from Eligenson.

Curran wrote in 2009: "He's the creative genius who respectfully respect the laws.

Shri. Goldman wrote his philosophy with ease Adventure in the screen trade: "I believe as a writer to know all basic human truths. We try to do as best as possible from our unique corner of the truth and to revive these truths in a different way through a genuine way."

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