Thursday , September 29 2022

The researchers say obesity can cause obesity in the body of natural cancer in the body


Excess fat burns "natural killer cells" along with cancer in the body, explains the connection between obesity and cancer.

Researchers at Trinity College in Dublin work with natural killings from humans. These cells prevent fat cells from killing them after killing them. But they can still be identified.

Research now published in the journal Natural Immunology, There are new types of cancer treatments. There, the process can be rediscovered by providing a metabolic jolt of fat burning cells.

The research was done by Associate Professor of Immanology in Lydia Lynch at Dublin University.

Professor Lynch said:If public health awareness increases, obesity and critical diseases will remain. Therefore, there is an urgency to understand over-cancer cancer, to lead to other illnesses and to develop new strategies to prevent their progress.

"Our results are aimed at upholding immuno-metabolic pathways, metabolic recomeggation of natural rubber cells to initiate anti-cancer activities and enhance the effects of the goal of solving obesity defects in obesity.

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