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The latest German Cup crossroads


Before declaring to the road, I must declare that I do not understand the attraction in this format. Take a low stool and raise it in the air. After that, load a hundred kilos. Instead, a third seat will be added to the roof to reduce the SPEED-focused SEU and boots pace. Your car is less functional than a SVVI than a SVC than a normal pay.

And here we are in another German cup crossroads. The German car firm 'High Power Planners' clearly believes in this format. The Power Point presentation and pie charts are valued on several days to support their outlook. I still do not get it.

Whatever BMW looks like B6, some people love this format. Why do not you create Q8 engineers with VWW engine? After all, here we are not quite a new car. Under the skin, the same base is the Audi Q7, VSS Tureg, Porsche Cuine, Lamborghini Urus, and Bentley Bentaiyagga.

Audi QQ 8 shares Q7 with seven seats. Actual distinctions are different. Once you start with a start, you'll see that it has a five-seater scale.

The test car is 50, not a premium number, but a prime example of the naming convention adopted for the Four Ring brand. Audi has abandoned the traditional method of identifying the size of different derivatives engine size. Instead it has selected a certain number of digits: the output of the high number at that time.

Odin has a location. A flavor of new models and new batteries, which at least appreciate a moderately hybrid electric supplier, varies by engine size. First of all, there are only a huge number of newer petrol engines. Although Audi's naming convention will not hold, the relationship between the cubic capacity and the performance has been completed.

Road Reality

By understanding the code this Q8 is a three-liter 286bhp diesel eight faster Tiptronic Automatic Transmission. This crossroads give it 0-100 km / hr in 6.3 seconds.

Those statistics against the reality of the road are undermined, and the two appear suddenly. First, sports mode can cause this big bus move, even when there are striking moments between the threshold and the Q8 in the horizon. However, it has never reached the sport promises. Surprisingly, weigh more than 2½ tonnes.

The Audi Q550 50 TDI: The best Audi both of these are quite different from the four Ring brothers.

The Audi Q550 50 TDI: The best Audi both of these are quite different from the four Ring brothers.

The Q8 was released with adaptive air suspension and all-wheel steering, and roads that we faced each week were not familiar with. Occasionally the system captures unexpected fast bombs and bomb blasts, but in a fiery manner even in sports. The only problem seems to always be about its size. The handling features of this car are less likely to be said to be "coupe".

It is second only when the Range Rover has been displaying the benchmark. It is second only to the BMW X6 and luxury Mercedes-Benz queues.

The frameless doors, the sharp slapping roofline, and the smaller taps, such as the more defined rear pillars, provide a coupe design in the car. However, the most stylish styling touch is the standard 21 inch alloy. If you really want to add more bling, the length is 22 inches long.

We did not get the chance to shake the Q8's feet as much as we like – not the audit, but our mistake. But we've spent time in the car. We drove the first drive to the opposite side of its three brothers: the new VW Touareg, the other end of the spectrum, Lamborghini Uruz.

Goldilocks option

VW is more practical, and it is also a boon for the attractive range of technology, while Lobo has more performance, performance and price. The Q8 is a sharp styling like the Uros, developed as Toughe (a slightly smaller one) and a price that only luxury salons buy. So is it the Q8, Goldlux option? So, so.

The Q8's hunt is different from its four curved brothers and this is the best of the two which can take more than two. Finally, Audi's design team lost control and the final results were over.

ऑडी क्यू 8 A50 TDI: The & # 39; coupe & # 39; s on handling features of this car Suggesting.

ऑडी क्यू 8 A50 TDI: The & # 39; coupe & # 39; s on handling features of this car Suggesting.

It is sharp against the BMW X6, the Merge GLE coupe, or the Venus Valar. Our money is seen with the passion of Audi. Its British Counterpart is the awesome performance and design of the best brands.

We need to pay pricing. When our car's price is at 102,200, our laboratory is worth € 24,444. It's just like many people spend on their new car. Some options such as High-End Bag & Olofsen Sound System were priced at 1,907 euros. Adding options to a new car slowly slows down the tax rate. But in the Heads Up display, it costs € 1,060 less than € 1,060 "door for power assisted closing". "The electric cover for luggage compartments is € 432. Our test car was not included in the list of options, but an offer was made to me: Audi exclusive floor mates 713 euros.

The Audi Q5 now has three-liter diesel in all its cars in the electric future soon. 6.8 liters per 100km (41.5 m) of energy, produces 178 g / km of CO2. The tax deduction is € 750.

For its elegance, these coupon crossover SUVs hook me up for Q8. They are not distributed properly in an effort to do all the things in every vehicle. However, if the style and functionality of your life is exemplary and formal, Q8 is the best purchase for these five seat seafood.

Low: Audi Q9 3.0 TDI "50" es line

Engine: Eight-speed tipper tornic automatic transmission with three-liter diesel, including 286 bpp

0-100km / h: 6.3 seconds

L / 100km (mpg): 6.8 (41.5)

Emissions (motor tax): 178 gm / km (750 euros)

Price: € 102,200 (126,644 euros)

Our ratings: 4/5

Judgment Bunch of Bunch when it comes to image-conscious luxury crovares. I still do not understand you're upset.

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