Sunday , January 29 2023

Survey says majority do not believe that the government works well in the housing crisis


More than half of people believe that Ireland's popular protest is successful, asking successful questions about the property in Ireland.

In the last few months, homeless workers have resorted to empty housing in Dublin. There was protests in the city on the issue of housing crisis.

Irish survey conducted by Irish is 53 percent. The migrant workers have succeeded in raising questions about Irish assets. About 62% are from Cranach and Ulster.

However, only 28% of people agree with private or public property as occupied manifestations. 64% of adults are disagree with such jobs as a means of protest.

Evidence suggests the lack of trust in the government approach to houses and homelessness.

Housing Minister Ihhhan Murphy's latest project, 66 percent of people do not have a successful system to deal with problems in homeownership. As per the plan to take effect next June, landowners will be banned from renting properties in airbob on high-residential demand.

Only 10 per cent of respondents responded by saying that the government was doing enough to end the housing crisis. The priority of government priorities is that 46 per cent of the people and homeless people are homeless.

One of the most popular solutions to the housing problem of all sections of the people involved (68%) is housing (52%) is a potential option for more cooperation with the local authorities. %).

South Dublin Counselor Fianna Fail, South Dublin County Councilor, New Delhi, concluded that there was a 65 per cent increase in the number of households registered within the 12 months from September to September in September 2017.

The number of people registered in the County of Counties during this period was about 40 per cent increase.

O'Connor said: "The number of people presenting as uninhabited and unemployed is increasing, and it's a fact that it's hard to see how the crisis of the government facing the crisis is that every crisis is clear that the crisis of crisis is getting worse.

"Last month, SDCC told me that there were more than 7,000 people in the South Dublin community building list, the chief executive said in a response to my inquiry this week:" Housing is the main solution "but the stock is very limited.

"How can a home-grown affordable and affordable public housing develop?

This crisis is worsening as it comes to understanding how people are affected by the post-government period of seven years and how it affects the mental consequences of the people. People who die on cold streets in Dublin should not be a normal part of life in Ireland.

"There is a visible face of disparity, but it's true, that there is a bigger number of people than ours to depend on others to live our streets." All 300 families in southern Dublin need their support to end their struggle without home. "

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