Friday , March 24 2023

On the big ship in Callingford, there is an attack


The guards attacked a large ship carrying Klingfod Harbor on weekends.

The incident happened on Sunday morning between 2 pm and 2pm.

Those who took responsibility for the attack left fire.

Jonathan Kulli said: "During the midnight, epilepsy, urine, robbery and vandalism have been triggered by suspects, and suspects seem to have arrived on foot, and the vehicle in question has collapsed."

The ship's facebook page is described in detail.

A post published yesterday read: "After a break in the Californicate Lofty at Kalington's Faulty Line, they tried to shoot at three separate boats overnight, trying to get some light from the record of the ship that issued a fire.

"While Gali and Captain's cabin have suffered a great deal of scam, we thank you that despite the best efforts to keep the bottle boiled in boats, vanilla could not.

"One was kidnapped by a fisherman who was abducted by a fisherman and thrown in front of the maulry and in the custody of his master's custody, he was taken into custody when his car was being driven by anchor and anchor.

"The captain and crew of the ship are trying to disrupt the attack and we do the ship rescue.

"We are disturbed by this disgrace: The purpose of La Maloon and the toll ship is to keep a tradition dry when it is alive, and it will be lost to history." To achieve that goal, we help young people in the backward to find fellowship, self-esteem and self confidence.

"Such a vigorous activity, who knows about the possibility of which life can be affected, which really pushes me to tears.

"As many of you, I'm sending my best wishes to captains and employees while I'm working now to get back to the shipyard."

Information on this incident has been requested to contact the Clynderford Guard Station in 042 9373102.

On top of the attack: Califordown and Koilie Peninsula captured the pre-attacking Tallinn Lap Malone on the Facebook page.

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