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Miriam stoppad: & # 39; Fast food to type 2 diabetes & # 39; – Miriam's stoppad


We know that weight loss can reduce Type 2 diabetes.

But when it began to lose weight, nobody was definitive.

Now we know you can reduce your weight. Experts say that you need to pay yourself immediately as soon as you recognize that you want to get rid of the disease.

Digenosis occurs in a strict 800-calorie diet a few years after the diabetes mellitus is less time-consuming than waiting.

Due to the fact that the type 2 diabetes insulin generates cells every 3 years may damage the pancreas.

A study by the University of Newcastle found that 298 adults surveyed six years ago.

Among those aged between 20 and 65, consumption of 825 to 853 calories can be consumed from 3 to 5 months.

About half (46%) was free from type 2. Only 4% did not go for food.

The study has found why some patients lose weight.

Of the 40 who were calm, 18 are still present.

These patients had some weight loss but found that some people were diagnosed with diabetes.


In the fertilization process, the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin will be foreseen.

After weight loss, beta cells of fertilized individuals began to function properly, but Type II did not get to diabetes.

This is where the importance of treatment. It had been a long time compared to those affected by the disease.

"Our findings suggest that type 2 diabetes may not be alive, and their beta cell performance may be improving" Roy Taylor said.

"The clinical message is clear: Type 2 diabetes, especially during the diagnosis, should be given a new effective Bharat-Compensation."

Director of Research Department in Diabetes UK UK Elizabeth Robertson commented. We know that some people can give their diabetes solution.

This is very important news about the condition of 15 of the UK.

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