Monday , May 29 2023

John McAurvey announces baby boy born to wife Tara Brennan


John McAurvey announces the birth of his first child with his wife, Tara Brennan, and a son, James.

On Sunday he shared the big news with a beautiful post on social media that John himself and Tara caught a sleeping little boy and shared a snap showing him respect.

He captioned the film: “Let the adventure James begin”, reports RSVP Live.

The couple also shared another picture of the boy lying on his bed shortly after he was born, which was set up as a profile picture on his own Instagram account Jamescarewave.

This is the first child for John and Tara, when the couple posted pictures from their Donegal residence in September revealing they were expecting their first child.

John captioned the picture next to a very pregnant star: “A few days of Donegal exploring with the star and the bump!”

John and Tara meet after brutally murdering their first wife, Michael Hart, in a hotel room during their honeymoon in Mauritius.

They got engaged in October 2015 before getting tied up in a private wedding in September 2016 in front of friends and family.

Discussing the news of their departure with Pat Kenny on Newstock, John said that life was good for him despite the devastation he suffered after Michael’s death.

Worshipful baby James

“People, sometimes, when you’ve experienced it the way I did, I think you’ll probably have to be overwhelmed by negative energy and live your life in a certain way, mostly in victim mode, but the reality is that life was so much better for me,” he told Pat.

John said: “I was able to find Tara. We have a beautiful relationship. Now we’re making a reunion for our family. It’s a very thankful thing for me and I’m so excited about it.”

Commenting on her relationship with Tara, John said: “She is very protective of me and wants to know if I am in trouble.

“It’s been a journey we’ve both had to travel on for the last two years, but we are very comfortable with each other and we are very safe with each other.

“I think we’ve given ourselves a little bubble. We’re a very close group of family and friends, really, that’s important.”

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