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I'm a celebration in 230 kg meat, 160,000 faults and 33 pairs of pants


Millions of pounds, thousands of hours footage and hundreds of people I'm including a celebrity … get me out of here! This becomes one of the largest displays in the TV.

I'll be awake for a few hours before 2018, new hostesses will awake in the morning morning to start their day in Duckland Donnelly and Holly Wilbowbi Forest.

However, with the big shows it is impossible to drain the size of the resources.

This production is a small part of every year since allowing a large employee to spend hundreds of pounds for a privileged client.

Some facts and particulars that you have sent to the UK in order to show you how you explained how this program lasted for a long time ago.

  • 10,500 The Australian campus is located outside Brisbane 10,500 km from the British in the small town of Murvillimba.

  • 2 o'clock : Time Declan Donnelly and Holly Willowbeake got up – the most complete of the latest – to get around 2.30am on site. They are going to sleep at 8 o'clock every night, and ITV begins on 7 o'clock in Australia on the show.

The hold and the desk will last for 17 hours in the forest

  • 500 : Number of Employees for Security, Runners, Manufacturers, Catering and Editors (UK, Osse Mix).
  • 5 : The number of people allowed at any one time metal bridges. If you are traveling in or out of a large group of camps, you should wait for the crow for the safe between the bridges. There are four bridges to enter the camp.

Only 5 of the metal bridges are allowed for security reasons

  • 1 : Malcolm McClaren's only arrival in Australia and he came back to celebrity category at the Versailles Hotel and decided not to return to the show show.
  • 400 The suspension bridges have been constructed with large cables, including half-a-bar, bridges 400 meters, four mile coir, five miles of steel cabling and 60 ton scandolding.

A large quantity of tools will be taken to the forest for display

  • 14 : Number of edit suites running around the clock to make the ITV display.
  • 2 : Send the Program Send Program back to the UK.
  • 160,000 : This year a Bush Toucher trial will have over 160,000 errors.

Hundreds of bugs are used in Bush Tucker Trial

  • 18 : Medic Bob worked in every series. Dickson is now on screen.
  • 3 : Number of pairs of underpants under you allowed. There are too many debates in the show years.
  • 6 : The number of bikers / swimming weight on each campet can be packed within their bag

Players can have only 6 bikinees or swimming pools

  • 10 v 7 Winners for Every One: Series One, Tony Blackburn; Series two, fil tunnel; The third in the series, Keri Katona; Season IV, Joe Pasquale; Series Five, Carol Thachar; Series 6, Matt Willy; Series seven, Christopher Biggins; The series eight, Joe Swash; Series nine, Gino de Combo; Series 10, Stacey Solomon; Series 11, Dugby Pointer; Series 12, Charlie Brooks, Series 13 Kiyan Igan, Series 14 Call & Fogi & # 39; Fogarty, Series 15 Wik Asen, Series 16 Scarlet Mofpatt, Ceres, Georgia was Georgia Topoffo. It creates 10 kings and 7 queens.

I'm a cellab
230 kilograms of meat can be absorbed from food for three weeks

  • In order to feed the elderly sheep, the 15 kg bacon, 540 eggs, 7 kilograms, 70 kg potatoes, 80 kg beef, 60 kg chicken, 50 kg pig, 20 kg fish, 3 kg ham, 2kg salami and 4kg burger patties . Kangnoo smiles eating beets!

* I am going to expel a celebration 2018 ITV today at 9pm

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