Wednesday , March 22 2023

Compass group net profit rises 7.1%


The Compaq group recorded 7.1 percent increase in the last year. Cost reduction measures are expensive in the world's largest catering institution.

Food, labor and additional expenses have been cut down to increase profits. However, operating margins continue to remain at 7.4 percent due to low volumes and high costs in UK business.

The company expects the full expectations of 2019 to be completed in 2016. We expect growth to be 4-6 per cent.

In the previous year, it predicts biological growth in the middle of the range.

The UK company provides 5.5 billion food items per year in 50 countries.

Their portfolio management aimed at food grains and now covering up to 5% of its non-formal businesses.

Operating profit for the year ended September 30 was $ 1.74 billion. In the previous year it was at $ 1.63 billion. It was cost-cutting and rising prices.

Google, Koca Killing, Shell, and Nike are competing companies. Income from 5.5% increase.

ComSpace said that prior to departure from the European Union in Britain, the supply chain and the impact of the workers were identified.

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