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Calls for automatic citizenship for Irish-born children and national parents


The rights of children born in Ireland should be brought back in the light of a series of recent high-profile cases in the 2004 Citizenship Refugee removal of children of automatic Irish citizenship.

The demand was made at the back of Eric C. Ying Sou, a nine-year-old boy who was born in Ireland, but Brie and Ko Wicklow, who are threatened with exile in China.

Eric G. Y

In September 2004, Parliament had a new bill to change the public examination in Siannad. The party's Senator Ivan Bacik, born in Ireland is not considered Irish.

In this context Ms Bacik said that Ireland, living in a child, would be able to bring the nation "in an effective manner" and would have "new rules" to "territories" for living children. Ireland should be required for at least three years.

"We are trying to keep the children born in Ireland permanently, who live for at least three years and now face the possibility of deportation in some cases depending on their family members.

This [the deportation threat] Although born in Ireland, are no more home than Ireland and that if they do not allow us to stay here, there will be no result.

She said the 2004 referendum had to be changed and that the referendum law of 2004 had opened for the legislation to bring legislation.

"This is very clear in the 2004 legislation, which opens Orichtus legally and I do not expect to raise anyone. [any issue with changing the rules] the reason [changing the rules] Opened in 2004.

"Everything we did in 2004 was the automatic birthday.

According to the Citizen's Reform in 2004, after the birth of 59.95% in the rights of Irish citizenship, the population increased from 79.17% to 20.83%.

However, Ms Bacik emphasized that there is no evidence to prove that this is widespread.

Speaking with colleague Basik, the nine-year-old Pauline quoted Bachi, a co-worker, co-writer Eduard O'Rourdine, quoted from Eric Sien Ying Sui, a co-founder from Ko Wicklow.

"I firmly believe in a public statement made by Health Minister Simon Harris at Wickloo in Polliazay and Justice Justice Charlie Flannagan. [the Labour bill]. "

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